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Sun Enterprise[tm] 4500 Server: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Enterprise 4500. The written procedures below are links to the Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Reference Manual (805-2632).

Clustered Hardware Note: When repairing a clustered system, you should replace server components by first switching over the data services to the functioning server, halting the host to be serviced, powering down the host, and then performing the hardware procedure to replace the component. Following the procedure, the logical hosts should be switched back to the default masters.

Component Tips
CPU/Memory+ Board
  • New service procedures are available for detached heat sinks on EXX00 CPU and I/O boards (FIN I0683-1).
CPU Modules
  • Sun Enterprise 6x00, 5x00, 4x00, and 3x00 Systems Torque Screwdriver for UltraSPARC Module Installation Guide
  • Specific error information must be returned with the 400MHz US-II CPU Modules at issue to ensure correct FRU repair (FIN I0984-1).
  • Tuning the ecache_scan_rate parameter of the Solaris cache scrubber provides improved Ecache parity error protection on non-mirrored SRAM UltraSPARC II-based systems (FIN I0755-1).
  • Any Fatal Reset errors in the UE 3X00 to UE 6X00 servers should be evaluated to determined whether it is because of Ecache Tag error. Do not assume that a Fatal Reset error implies that the system board is defective (FIN I0587-1).
  • The current diagnostic procedure to identify the faulty CPU module from CPU Ecache parity errors is flawed, and it could easily lead to the wrong CPU being replaced (FIN I0570-3).
  • Cleaning kit available for cleaning silicon oil from CPU module on the system board (FIN I0567-1).
  • Failure to handle CPU Modules correctly can result in physical damage; proper torquing techniques are required (FIN I0403-2).
  • Booting from the network can fail with Solaris 2.5.1 and Solaris 2.6 when using 464MHz or faster processors (FIN I0707-1).
  • 400MHz and 464/466MHz UltraSPARC II Modules in Enterprise Server platforms may experience system reboots or system panics (FCO A0210-1).
Disk Board
  • At system power up, the disk board does not turn on (FCO A0136-1).
  • Ultra[TM] Enterprise x000 servers: Using show-disks to create devalias for Ultra disk board boot drive (How To article 1001379.1).
  • New disk board installed in a Sun Enterprise[TM] Server E4500/E5500/E6500 is not detected or recognized with probe-scsi-all. Reference Problem article 1007581.1.
Disk Drive
  • Improved firmware for Seagate 10K.6 disk drives will reduce the incidence of unexpected outages due to a spindle motor issue (FIN I1136-1).
  • Improved drive firmware will reduce the incidence of HDI failures on IBM Discovery disk drives (FIN I0955-1).
  • 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may be susceptible to early life failures problem (FIN I0724-2).
  • Systems with 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rate. (FCO A0182-2).
  • New disk board installed in a Sun Enterprise[TM] Server E4500/E5500/E6500 is not detected or recognized with probe-scsi -all (Problem article 1007581.1).
I/O+ Board
  • Ultra Enterprise Exx00 I/O Boards can fail with FEPS error during POST if installed in a slot where there are damaged spring fingers (FIN I0800-1).
  • New service procedures are available for detached heat sinks on EXX00 CPU and I/O boards (FIN I0683-1).
  • Clarification of the hardware and software requirement to connect the onboard SOC+ device on I/O boards used with an A3500FC StorEdge Array (FIN I0586-1).
  • Alternate 256MB DIMM part numbers are approved for use in E3x00-E6x00 systems (FIN I1127-1).
  • When using mixed density memory modules, certain combinations of memory banks result in fatal reset while running POST before a system boot (FIN I0588-1).
  • ECC Memory Error Guidelines for Enterprise servers (FIN I0377-1).
  • How to read prtdiag memory interleaving on Ultra servers (Problem article 1003210.1).
  • Mitsubishi 256MB DIMMs (Sun p/n 501-5658) showing significantly lower than expected reliability (FCO A0258-1).
PCI Card
  • Systems with a PGX PCI-based 8-bit Frame Buffer may display a vertical black stripe when running the OpenWindows environment (FCO A0139-1).
  • Sun Enterprise[TM] 3X00-6X00 servers: PCI i/o card address mapping on Ultra Enterprise servers (How To article 1010265.1).
Power/Cooling Module (PCM)
  • Power/Cooling module handling and fault diagnosis N+1 configurations may suffer a Silent Mode Failure (FIN I0599-1).
SBus Card
  • Customers using SBus Dual FC Adapter (X6757A) at Rev. 50 may notice slow performance on sequential write operations (FIN I0821-1).
  • UDWIS SBus Host Adapter with isp-fcode 1.28 can cause "invalid command" during probe-scsi-all or boot -hv from a StorEdge D1000 (FIN I0569-1).
  • Sun FDDI SBus Adapter 5.0 SAS/DAS mounting screws may not fit the EMI plate due to excessive plating (FIN I0469-1).
  • SunATM-155 SBus board replacement may render interface unrecognizable (FIN I0412-1).
  • Large quantities of UDWIS/SBus Host Adapters installed may not come up after reboot due to miscommunication between the SCSI host and the target (FCO A0163-1).
Tape Drive
  • Firmware upgrade for EOL Mammoth 8mm tape drive (FIN I0516-1).
  • All support calls related to the Exabyte Mammoth II tape drive need to be forwarded to Exabyte (FIN I0719-1).
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