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Sun Blade[tm] 2000 Workstation: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Sun Blade 1000 and Sun Blade 2000 workstations, which are included in the following manual:

Sun Blade 1000 and Sun Blade 2000 Service Manual (816-3217)

The following table provides the page numbers for each procedure.

Note: A Sun Blade 2000 Hardware Documentation CD assembly, part number 724-7196-02, is part of the accessory kit that ships inside the carton with each Sun Blade 2000 Workstation. The documentation CD includes many Sun Blade 2000 manuals. The files on the CD include movies for major hardware service procedures. These movies can be viewed as standalone procedures, and can also be reached by links within the HTML Service Manual on the Sun Blade 2000 Hardware Documentation CD.

Component Tips
CPU Module
  • Guidelines for understanding and diagnosing UltraSPARC III Level 2 (L2) SRAM Cache Memory Errors (FIN I0887-1).
Disk Drive
  • Improved firmware for Seagate 10K.6 disk drives will reduce the incidence of unexpected outages due to a spindle motor issue (I1136-1).
  • Fujitsu 73GB HDD will not be recognized during a 'boot net' operation on Sun Blade 2000 or Sun Fire 280R platforms (FIN I0963-1).
  • Power management issue causes loss of access to internal fiber channel disks on the Sun Blade 1000/2000, Sun Fire V880, V480, and 280R (FIN I0888-1).
  • Seagate ST336605FC 36GB and ST373405FC 73G drives could be susceptible to label corruption (FIN I0816-1).
  • Seagate Cheetah 7 146GB FC-AL and 73 GB FC-AL disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rates due to spindle motor failure (FCO A0256-1).
  • Recovering from a failed FCAL boot disk (Problem article 1008580.1).
  • Correcting device paths when replacing fiber boot disks after a ufsrestore (How To article 1003103.1).
Graphics Card
  • When using the Sun XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator window system in 8 bit depth mode, desktop users will experience a colormap flash problem depending on what application is being displayed (FIN I0968-1).
  • The 'fbconfig' (1M) command may return incorrect part number for XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator (FIN I0945-1).
  • SunBlade 1000/2000 and Ultra 60/80 systems may exhibit a blank screen upon boot up with an XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator installed (FCO A0200-1).
  • Diagnosing Main Memory errors versus L2SRAM errors on UltraSPARC III and UltraSPARC III Cu systems (FIN I0954-1).
  • New 256MB and 512MB LC1 DIMMs are now available ONLY for the Sun Blade 1000/2000 and Sun Fire 280R platforms (FIN I0883-1).
  • On certain Sun Systems a small number of 512MB and 1GB Micron DIMMs may experience premature failures with Uncorrectable Memory Error (UE) messages. (FAB 1000920.1) (formerly FCO A0285-1)
  • A sub-population of DIMMs that shipped between 2001 and 2002 on the below platforms are showing significantly lower reliability than expected (FCO A0253-1).
  • Systems containing 256MB Samsung B-die DIMMs, having a module date code between 0115 and 0127 (built between weeks 15 and 27 of 2001), may experience Uncorrectable Memory Errors (UE). This can lead to System Panics (FCO A0223-1).
  • Sun Blade 1000 workstations with 128MB DIMMs may have intermittant Single Bit Correctable Errors (FCO A0181-1).
PCI Card
  • UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card (FIN I0874-1).
  • SunPCi II and SunPCi IIpro cards may not respond after rapid/successive power cycling (FCO A0186-1).
Smart Card Reader
  • Solaris 8 patches required for Smart Card Reader operation on Sun Blade 100, 1000, and 2000 systems (FIN I0868-1).
System Board
  • UltraSPARC III and III+ based platforms could be susceptible to UCC errors that may cause system panics (FIN I0856-1).

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