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Title:UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card
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Update Date:2002-09-11

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FIN #: I0874-1
Synopsis: UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card
Create Date: Sep/10/02

UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card

SunAlert: No
Top FIN/FCO Report: Yes
Products Reference: UltraSPARC III Systems
Product Category: Server / SW Admin
Product Affected: 
Systems Affected:
Mkt_ID   Platform   Model   Description        Serial Number
------   --------   -----   -----------        -------------
  -        A30       ALL    SunFire V880             -
  -        A28       ALL    SunBlade 1000            -
  -        A29       ALL    SunBlade 2000            -
  -        A35       ALL    SunFire 280R             -
  -        N28       ALL    Netra 20                 -   
  -        F15K      ALL    SunFire 15K              -
  -        F12K      ALL    SunFire 12K              -

X-Options Affected:
Mkt_ID       Platform   Model   Description           Serial Number
------       --------   -----   -----------           -------------
X1150A          -         -     Gigabit Ethernet            -
Parts Affected: 
Part Number             Description                Model
-----------             -----------                -----
501-5902-07 or lower    Gigabit Ethernet             -
PatchId: T111883-12:
Issue Description: 
Systems with Schizo ASIC version 2.4 and with a GigaSwift Ethernet PCI
Card (Option X1150A) installed may panic due to a parity error on the
Ethernet card.  This results in unplanned system downtime.

This issue affects any system (see Systems Affected) with Schizo ASIC
2.4 where a GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card (P/N 501-5902-07 or lower) is
installed.  Part numbers 501-5902-08 and above are not affected.

When this issue is encountered, the panic string will contain the

   panic[cpu3]/thread=3000c066740:  0x300102335a0:  pcisch-1: PCI bus 1

A console message may be logged to /var/adm/messages similar to:

   WARNING: pcisch1: PCI config space CSR=0x82a0

To identify the version of Schizo ASIC being used:

On all platforms other than F12K and F15K this version can be
determined from the output of 'prtdiag -v'. 

Example output for Sun Fire V880:

  IO ASIC revisions:
  Brd  Model            ID  Status Version
  ---- --------------- ---- ------ -------
  IB-1 unknown          8    ok     4      
  IB-1 unknown          9    ok     4 

The "Version" is the key value. Here we see a value of 4.
Mapped out to Schizo Revision,

  4 = Schizo 2.2
  5 = Schizo 2.3
  6 = Schizo 2.4

In this case we have Schizo 2.2.  This system is not affected.

For F12K and F15K platforms, you can determine the version of
Schizo using 'redx' in conjunction with 'schioc'. 


  Syntax for shioc is 'shioc   '.
   will always be "1" (it's the IO boat) and
   will be "0" or "1" (depending on the port you want).

Example output:

  mufasa-sc0:sms-svc:2> redx -x shioc 0 1 0
   PCI IOC IO00/P0   Component ID = 107BE06D    TO_2.3
        Safari_Control[57:0] = 1555555 01C00007
            1   SSM_Mode               SafCtl[0]      
            1   HierBusMode            SafCtl[1]      
            1   SlowSnoop              SafCtl[2]      
         0x1C   AgentId[4:0]           SafCtl[24:20]  
         0x00   ExpanderId[4:0]        SafCtl[29:25]  
            1   SafTimeout[1:0]        SafCtl[33:32]  2**28 cycles (norm)
     0x555555   DTL_Mode[23:0]         SafCtl[57:34]  
        Safari_Bus_Enbl[3:0] = 0000
            0   SafariDbgEnbl          BusEn[0]       
            0   UPA_DbgEnbl            BusEn[1]       
            0   SoftReset_l            BusEn[2]       
            0   Soft_PwrOK             BusEn[3]       
        Safari_Pause = 0
        PCI_Arb_Halt = 0
        Safari_Err_Log[63:0]      = 00000000 00000000
        Safari_Err_Enbl[63:0]     = FC000000 000003E0
        Safari_Err_Int_Enbl[63:0] = 80000000 00000017

The Version is captured in the first line of output.  TO_2.3 means
Schizo 2.3 is being used.  TO_2.2 would be Schizo 2.2, and TO_2.4 would
be Schizo 2.4.

Here we see Schizo Version 2.3.  The system is not affected.

This issue is caused by the Schizo 2.4 ASIC not correctly handling
parity errors from the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card.  This results in a
domain or system panic.

T-patches are currently available to correct this problem.  There is
also a simple workaround.  See the Corrective Action below.
        |   |   MANDATORY (Fully Proactive)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PROACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        | X |   REACTIVE (As Required)
Corrective Action: 
An Authorized Sun Services Field Representative may avoid the above 
mentioned problems by following the recommendations as shown below.

If Schizo 2.4 was detected and the system contains the GigaSwift
Ethernet PCI Card (P/N 501-5902-07 or lower), either install the
appropriate patch or utilize the workaround. 

   1. Solaris 8 T-patch (T111883-12)
      Solaris 9 T-patch (T112817-04) 
   T-patches can be obtained by opening an escalation and following the 
   proper processes.  The official patches are scheduled to be released 
   on September 22, 2002.

   2. To implement a workaround on Solaris 8 or Solaris 9, execute the

      a. Edit the /etc/system file and add the following entry:

         set ce:ce_pci_cache_line=0x10

      b. Edit the /kernel/drv/ce.conf file and add the following entry:


      c. Reboot the system.

Implementation Footnote: 
i)   In case of MANDATORY FINs, Enterprise Services will attempt to    
     contact all affected customers to recommend implementation of 
     the FIN. 
ii)  For CONTROLLED PROACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services mission critical    
     support teams will recommend implementation of the FIN  (to their  
     respective accounts), at the convenience of the customer. 

iii) For REACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services will implement the FIN as the   
     need arises.
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