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Sun Blade 2000 : Archived FINs and FCOs

Implementation (Impl.):
M = Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

C = Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

U = Upon Failure
R = Reactive (As Required)

FAB Implementation Synopsis Last Modified Date
A0253-1 C A sub-population of DIMMs that shipped between 2001 and 2002 on the below platforms are showing significantly lower reliability than expected. Aug 18 2005
A0223-1 U On Sun systems, a small number of 256MB DIMMs may experience Uncorrectable Memory Errors (UE). Mar 23 2004
A0215-1 U Torque tools supplied with the Sun Fire 280R, Sun Enterprise 420R, and Sun Blades 1000 and 2000 systems may malfunction. Oct 10 2003
A0200-1 M SunBlade 1000/2000 and Ultra 60/80 systems may exhibit a blank screen upon boot up with an XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator installed. Jul 10 2002
A0189-1 U Ultra 60/80 and SunBlade 100/1000 systems with Expert3D-Lite cards and certain 21-inch monitors will have to either add or replace the monitor adaptor. Feb 22 2002
A0186-1 U SunPCi II and SunPCi IIpro cards may not respond after rapid/successive power cycling. Dec 03 2001
A0181-1 U Sun Blade 1000 workstations with 128MB DIMMs may have intermittant Single Bit Correctable Errors. Jun 29 2001
I0888-1 R Power management issue causes loss of access to internal fiber channel disks on the Sun Blade 1000/2000, Sun Fire V880, V480, and 280R. 2002-11-26
I0887-1 R Guidelines for understanding and diagnosing UltraSPARC III Level 2 (L2) SRAM Cache Memory Errors. 2002-10-07
I0883-1 R New LC1 DIMMs are available for Sun Blade 1000/2000 and Sun Fire 280R platforms 2002-09-24
I0874-1 R UltraSPARC III systems may panic due to a conflict between the Schizo 2.4 ASIC and the GigaSwift Ethernet PCI Card 2002-09-11
I0846-1 R FRU ID hardware revision level is incorrectly programmed on a known population of XVR-500/IFB-Lite+ graphics boards 2002-06-28
I0832-1 R CPU shroud inserts were installed incorrectly in Sun Blade 1000, Sun Blade 2000, Netra 20 and Sun Fire 280R systems, causing increased resistance during insertion/removal of CPU modules 2002-06-06
I0702-1 R SunForum 3.X is not supported 8-bit graphic mode on Sun Blade100 or Sun Blade 1000 2001-07-27
I0689-1 R To torque correctly on a specific Sun Products, refer to the Torque tool matrix for correct Torque Bit Type/Size and Torque Setting 2002-09-26
I0632-1 R IEEE 1394 Camera Cable 2000-12-18
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