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Sun Fire[tm] E20K / E25K Server: Repair Procedures

This section provides tips (when available) for the most common repair procedures for the Sun Fire E20K / E25K, which are included in the Sun Fire E25K / E20K Systems Service Manual (817-4138).

Clustered Hardware Note: When repairing a clustered system, you should replace server components by first switching over the data services to the functioning server, halting the host to be serviced, powering down the host, and then performing the hardware procedure to replace the component. Following the procedure, the logical hosts should be switched back to the default masters.

The following table provides the available tips for each procedure.

Component Tips
CPU Board (Slot 0)
  • Reworked UltraSPARC IV 1.2GHz system boards may be downclocked to 1050MHz due to a misprogrammed SEEPROM. (FIN I1178-1).
  • The Vcore setting for UltraSPARC IV 1350MHz boards should be 1.25V, but some earlier releases of firmware will power on and operate the board at an incorrect voltage. (FIN I1166-1).
CPU Board DIMM (Slot 0)  
Centerplane Support Board
  • The thermcal utility should be run if a Centerplane or Centerplane Support Board (CSB) is replaced on the Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K. (FAB 1000668.1).
  • A limited number of Sun Fire 15K/20K/25K Expander and CSBs are experiencing higher than expected rates of loss of redundant DC power supplies. (FCO A0267-1).
Disk Drive  
Fan Tray  
Hot-Swap PCI (hsPCI) Assembly (Slot 1)  
  • On certain Sun Systems a small number of 512MB and 1GB Micron DIMMs may experience premature failures with Uncorrectable Memory Error (UE) messages. (FAB 1000920.1) (formerly FCO A0285-1)
PCI Cassette(Slot 1)  
PCI Cassette Card  
Power Centerplane  
Power Module  
Power Supply  
System Control (SC) Board
  • Running the `prtdiag` command on the System Controller of Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K can cause a segmentation fault. (FIN I1135-1).
System Control (SC) CPU Board  
System Control (SC) Peripheral Board  
System Expander Board  
Top Cap Frame Manager Assembly  

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