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Title:A limited number of Sun Fire 15K/20K/25K Expander and CSBs are experiencing higher than expected rates of loss of redundant DC power supplies.
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Update Date:Wed May 31 00:00:00 MDT 2006


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                          FIELD CHANGE ORDER
               (For Authorized Distribution by Sun Services)
FCO #: A0267-1
Status: active
Synopsis: A limited number of Sun Fire 15K/20K/25K Expander and CSBs are experiencing higher than expected rates of loss of redundant DC power supplies.
Date: May 31, 2006
Top FIN/FCO Report: Yes 
Product Category: Server / System Component
Product Affected: 
Systems Affected: 
 ------- --------
 Mkt_ID   Platform    Model   Description                 Serial Number
 ------   --------    -----   -----------                 -------------
   -        F15K           All     Sun Fire 15K              -
   -        E20K           All     Sun Fire 20K              -
   -        E25K           All     Sun Fire 25K              -
 X-Options Affected 
 --------- -------
 Mkt_ID   Platform    Model   Description                 Serial Number
 ------   --------    -----   -----------                 -------------
   -         -          -          -                            -
Parts Affected: 
Part Number     Description 
 -----------     -----------
 501-6827-02     Expander Board
 501-5378-18     Centerplane Board
ECO:   WO_31719
  GSAP:  3193
  Purge: P001-20272
Issue Description: 
Impacted Platforms 
Certain 20K-25K systems manufactured from May 2005 through October 2005 are
affected.  To a lesser extent, FRU and Xoption boards shipped in that same
time frame, along with the trailing edge of 15K production, were also

Note: Systems which received a replacement Expander FRU from an RSL between
May of 2005 and May of 2006 may contain an FCO impacted part (including 12K
systems).  The replacement part serial number can be verified as impacted or
not by the email method documented below. 

Root Cause 
The circuitry on Expander and CSB boards is powered by dual redundant DC to DC
converters, commonly referred to as D116 Power Supplies, both of which are
located on the board.  If a single D116 Power Supply shuts down, the system
will continue to operate normally because of the dual redundant design.  At the
same time, a message is sent to the platform message logs to alert the customer
that the Expander or CSB should be replaced in order to restore redundant power.
See SRDB 47302 for further details via the below URL; 
As of about May 2005, Sun saw a slight increase in the rate of cases involving
the D116 on the Sun Fire 12k-25k Expander boards.  It was found that the root
cause of this increased case rate was due to a substitution of a part in some of
the D116 Power Supplies.  The substituted part, a Field Effect Transistor (FET),
had the same specifications as the original part.  However, slight differences
in the characteristics of the FET sometimes lead to instability in the D116 and
resulted in it shutting down. 
This D116 circuit has since been modified to have greater resilience to FET
variations and have more robust performance. 
The CSB does not appear to be significantly affected, but since it shares the
D116 Power Supply with the Expander Board it is also being covered pro-actively
through this FCO.
A Customer List has been developed and is available inside SWAN via the
below URL; 
In addition, a Customer Letter has been made available inside SWAN via the
below URL; 
Corrective action was made available in Sun Manufacturing via ECO# WO_31719
asof September 13, 2005 and was cut into manufacturing via Worldwide
StopShip/Purge# P001-20272 as of September 26, 2005.
Corrective action was made available in Sun Services via GSAP# 3193 released
on September 29, 2005.
        | X |   MANDATORY (Fully Proactive)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PROACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        |   |   REACTIVE (As Required)
Replacement Time Estimate: 
1 Hour (per affected FRU)
Special Considerations: 
This FCO will have a time zone phased release based on material 
readiness as follows: 
                  Readiness Date
  US/Canada       May/19/06
  Ltn America     May/30/06
  EMEA            May/30/06
  APAC            Jun/15/06
  ANZO            May/30/06
  Japan           May/30/06
The above dates represent when each time zone has determined that it will
be materially ready to support this FCO.  All dates are estimates.  Please
check with your Logistics Representative or TZ / Country / Area FCO Manager
for more information with regard to material availability and the parts
ordering process for this FCO.
Corrective Action: 
Hot Swappable: No 
A specific list of system serial numbers for those systems that initially shipped
with affected FRUs, and likely requiring FRU replacements, is available inside
SWAN via the below URL; 
For system on this list, identify affected boards through the following procedures: 
Sites able to collect Explorer 
1. Collect a fresh Explorer from the Main SC of the FCO impacted platform.
   Make certain that the explorer output file contains valid prtfru data in
   /fru/prtfru_-x.out and also contains the proper platform
   serial number.
NOTE: Explorer collects prtfru data by default on Highend systems.
      Explorer version 4.4 or higher is encouraged.
2. Upload the Explorer into the Proactive Explorer database:
3. Use the below lookup tool to list suspect EXB and CSB slots: 
   For Partners without SWAN access, the standalone version of this
   lookup tool is available through the following steps:  
    - Log into
    - On the first page, click "InfoPartner"
    - Accept the website terms
    - Click "Browse Authorized Collections"
    - In the tree of all collections, scroll down to
      the "SunSolve Data Collections" folder, where you find a
      sub-folder called "FCO tools". In this folder, click the
      entry "A0267_lookup_tool".  
Instructions for running the lookup tool are available on the tool site.  
The resulting report will list the EXB and CSB slots which should be
replaced.  An abbreviated example report is below:  
83cda7fa sc0   2006-04-21  14:13:00  
OK    CP.cs0         501-5378 18  Y08KTD  Solectron 
BAD   CP.cs1         501-5378 18  Y08W1K  Solectron 
 1 BAD 
 1 OK 
Sites unable to collect Explorer (e.g., secure sites) 
It is preferable to collect an SC explorer for FCO slot identification.  If this
is not possible then FCO slots must be manually identified.  The following process
can be used: 
1. Compile a list of all EXB and CSB serial numbers and their respective slot numbers.
Download the PTS xcrev-all script to simplify board identification. 
The script will need to be installed on the customer's Main system controller and
the following two reports will need to be collected.
    xcrev-all ex 
    xcrev-all cs 
Alternatively, prtfru can be used.  Using InfoDoc 75779 extract the EXB and CSB
serial numbers for all 18 EXBs and 2 CSBs.  The serial number list may then be
used to individually verify the status of each FRU from an email enabled system.
2. Send an e-mail to the alias [email protected] with a radiance case number on the
   subject line and the serial numbers of the EXB or CSB boards in the body of 
   the e-mail.
Note: Each e-mail must be for only 1 system serial number and 1 radiance case
      number.  To work properly, the e-mail MUST be in PLAIN TEXT format.  
Below is an example of the e-mail: 
    From: John Doe 
    To: [email protected] 
    Subject: 123456 <- Radiance case number 
    05123AB000E <- Enter each board serial number in the e-mail 
The alias will respond with the status of each board.
On-site Spares or FRUs not installed in a system 
1. Unpack the FRU and collect the serial number from its sticker.
2. Send an e-mail to the alias [email protected] with a radiance case number on the
   subject line and the serial numbers of the EXB or CSB boards in the body of
   the e-mail.  Following the same e-mail instructions, as above.
The alias will respond with the status of that board.  Repeat as necessary.
For the identified boards, proactively replace according to the following part
swap table, and per the Details section below: 
    Replace                      With 
  -----------                 -----------
  501-6827-02                 501-6827-03 (or above) 
  501-5378-18                 501-5378-19 (or above) 
Replace only the EXB and CSB slots identified by the FCO lookup tool
or manually identified.  Only FCO FRU source should be used.
Many published resources exist that document the best practice procedures for
swapping EXBs and CSBs.  They should all be consulted to plan and implement
the FRU swap.  All three of the following documents should be consulted prior
to FRU swap: 
* Customer-ready documentation about the issue is available inside of
  SWAN via the below URL; 
* Systems will be prioritized in each GEO.
* RSLs should not be used to proactively replace EXBs and CSBs.
* No PTS Escalation is required for this FCO.
All defectives should be returned via standard process.
Note on Defective Material Tag FCO number A0267-1.
May/19/06 - Initial release of FCO.
May/24/06 - Restructured information in Corrective Action section to
            be clearer.  Modified some Material Readiness dates in
            the Special Considerations section as well as updating
            the paragraph below those dates.
May/30/06 - Changed APac Material Readiness in Special Considerations
            section from Jun/15/06 to May/30/06.
May/31/05 - Changed APac Material Readiness in Special Considerations
            section back to Jun/15/06 from May/30/06.

All FCO documents are accessible via Internal SunSolve.  Type "sunsolve"
in a browser and follow the prompts to Browse or Search Collections.

For questions on this document, please email:

    [email protected]
The FCO home page is available at:


For more information on how to submit a FCO, go to:

To access the Service Partner Exchange, use:
NOTE: FCO Tracking Instructions for Radiance/SPWeb:

If a Radiance case involves the application of an FCO to solve a customer
issue, please complete the following steps in Radiance/SPWeb prior to
closing the case:

    o Select "Field Change Order" in the REFERENCE TYPE field.

    o Enter FCO ID number in the REFERENCE ID field.
      For example; A0257-1.

If possible, include additional details in the REFERENCE SUMMARY field
(ie. Upgrade complete, customer declined, etc.)

Implementation Notes

In case of "Mandatory" FCOs, Sun Services will attempt to contact
all known customers to recommend proactive implementation.

For "Controlled Proactive" FCOs, Sun Services mission critical
support teams will initiate proactive implementation efforts for
their respective accounts, as required.

For "Upon Failure" FCOs, Sun Services and partners will implement
the necessary corrective actions as the need arises.

The CIC process must be used for proactive hardware replacement
requests when an FCO is classified as "Upon Failure".

Billing Information

Warranty: Sun will provide parts at no charge under Warranty
          Service.  On-Site Labor Rates are based on specified
          Warranty deliverables for the affected product.

Contract: Sun will provide parts at no charge.  On-Site Labor Rates
          are based on the type of service contract.

Non Contract: Sun will provide parts at no charge.  Installation by
              Sun is available based on the On-Site Labor Rates
              defined in the Price List.