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Title:Running the `prtdiag` command on the System Controller of Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K can cause a segmentation fault.
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Update Date:2004-10-11

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FIN #: I1135-1
Synopsis: Running the `prtdiag` command on the System Controller of Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K can cause a segmentation fault.
Create Date: Oct/11/04
SunAlert: No
Top FIN/FCO Report: No
Products Reference: Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K Servers
Product Category: Server / Diag/Doc/Service
Product Affected: 
Systems Affected:
Mkt_ID    Platform    Model    Description                 Serial Number
------    --------    -----    -----------                 ------------- 
  -        F15K        ALL     Sun Fire 15K                      -
  -        F12K        ALL     Sun Fire 12K                      -
  -        E20K        ALL     Sun Fire E20K                     -
  -        E25K        ALL     Sun Fire E25K                     -  

X-Options Affected:
Mkt_ID   Platform   Model      Description             Serial Number
------   --------   -----      -----------             -------------
  -         -         -             -                        -

Part Number             Description         	           Model
-----------             -----------         	           -----
     -      	             -                               -
BugId:   5053627 - prtdiag segmentation fault on starcat SC's with s8u7 
                   and latest OS patches.
         5065060 - postbackout of patch 116087-02 is incomplete.

PatchId: 116087-03: Point patch.
Issue Description: 

This issue will cause the `prtdiag` command to fail, possibly resulting
in failure to correctly diagnose other issues resulting in customer
dissatisfaction.  It could also result in the failure of automated
processes on a customer system and could be perceived as a more serious
issue such as overall system operation.

Sun Fire 12K/15K/E20K/E25K with a CP1500 (Nordica) or CP2140 (Othello+) 
System Controller running Solaris 8 02/04 and point patch 116087-02.

The following commands will help to identify a configuration. 
   # showrev -a

The symptoms extend only to the output generated upon running the
'prtdiag' command.  Instead of generating the expected output, the
'prtdiag' command will instead generate a Segmentation Fault and will
exit immediately.  The following example illustrates the exact output
that would be seen:

   # /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag

     Segmentation Fault
This bug comes about as a result of installing point patch 116087-02. 
Point patch 116087-02 incorrectly replaces the '' file 
with a version used on UltraSparc-III and UltraSparc-IV based systems. 
Since the CP1500 and CP2140 are UltraSparc-II based systems, this file 
will not work and is the root cause of the segmentation fault.
Point patch 116087-03 is now being installed in manufacturing, which does 
not exhibit this issue.
        |   |   MANDATORY (Fully Proactive)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PROACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        | X |   REACTIVE (As Required)
Corrective Action: 
The following recommendation is provided as a guideline for authorized
Sun Services Field Representatives who may encounter the above
mentioned issue.

The final resolution is the installation of point patch 116087-03.  The
following technique should be followed for installation.

For CP1500 (Nordica) based System Controllers, neither point patch
116087-02 nor 116087-03 are required.  Use the following commands to
completely remove it and restore 'prtdiag' functionality (NOTE: You must
enter all three commands to restore full functionality on the CP1500):

First identify which type of SC you have using the 'uname' command:

    # uname -i

On a CP1500, the uname output will be:


The point patch is not needed on the CP1500. Enter these three commands 
only on the CP1500 to fully remove the patch:

    # patchrm 116087-02
    # patchadd 116087-03
    # patchrm 116087-03

The second 'patchrm' is due to a issue with patch 116087-02.  It does
not get removed properly and the only way to correct the situation is
to install the newer rev and then remove it.

On a CP2140, the uname output will be:


For CP2140 (Othello+) based System Controllers, point patch 116087-03 is
required for full 'prtdiag' functionality. Enter these two commands on 
the CP2140 to install the corrected patch:

    # patchrm 116087-02
    # patchadd 116087-03

To check your system for which, if any, revisions of the 116087 patch 
are installed, login to the System Controller and use the following command:

   # showrev -p | grep 116087

This will display all versions of 116087 installed on the current system.



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