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Sun Modular DataCenter S20 / D20

Codename: Blackbox

Serial Number Location Plaque on left, rear bulkhead wall (right side
as you enter from rear or electrical end)

Approved Sun Equipment List

SPARC Servers

Sun Fire V125, Sun Fire V210, Sun Fire V215, Sun Fire V245, Sun Fire V440,

Sun Fire V445, Sun Fire V480, Sun Fire V490, Sun Fire T1000, Sun Fire T2000,

Sun Fire E2900, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220,

Netra Servers

Sun Netra 240, Sun Netra 440, Sun Netra T2000, Sun Netra 1290, Sun Netra X4200M2,

X64 Servers

Sun Fire X2200 M2, Sun Fire X2100 M2, Sun Fire X4100 / X4100 M2, Sun Fire X4150,

Sun Fire X4450, Sun Fire X4200 / X4200 M2, Sun Fire X4500, Sun Fire X4600 M2,

Blade Servers

Sun Blade 6000, Sun Blade 8000, Sun Blade 8000P


Sun StorageTek 2530, Sun StorageTek 2540, Sun StorageTek 3120, Sun StorageTek 3320,

Sun StorageTek 3510, Sun StorageTek 5310, Sun StorageTek 5320, Sun StorageTek 6130,

Sun StorageTek 6140, Sun StorageTek 6540, Sun StorageTek 9985V, Sun StorageTek CSM2, Sun StorageTek D240


Qlogic 5602, Brocade 200e, Brocade 4100 Silkworm, Brocade 4900, Brocade 5000,

Brocade 7500

Tape Libraries

StorageTek DAT 72, StorageTek C2

Table Legend
[F] = Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
[C] = Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

150-4418 [F]
150-4419 [F]
400A 4-Pole Circuit Breaker
32A 4-Pole Circuit Breaker
16A 2-Pole Circuit Breaker
Plastic Cable Carrier
Quick Release Locator Pin w Lanyard
Heat Exchanger Inline Flowmeter
600A EMI Line Filter
371-3906 [F]
371-3907 [F]
371-3908 [F]
HFC-125 Fire Extinguishing Agent
HFC-227ea Fire Extinguishing Agent
FK-5-1-12 Fire Extinguishing Agent
Fire Suppression Tank Option 5329A-Z
Unfilled Fire Suppression Tank
Fire Suppression Cable Assembly
Pike Data Panel Cable Assembly
Fluorescent Light
530-3997 [F]
530-4019 [F]
530-4027 [F]
530-4028 [F]
530-4029 [F]
Cable, Harness, RTD, Fan Tray
Door Contact Pigtail Cable
Water Temperature Pigtail Cable
External Humidity Temperature Sensor Pigtail Cable
Water Alarm Pigtail Cable
Heat Exchanger Assembly
Helical Isolator Assembly
560-2922 [F]
Tool Ship Kit
130-6750 [F]
130-6751 [F]
140-1289 [F]
150-4351 [F]
180-1097 [F]
180-2364 [F]
Single Mode LC Duplex Panel Mount Receptacle
Multi Mode LC Duplex Panel Mount Receptacle
2A/250V, 5x20mm, Fast-Acting Fuse
280mm 48V Fan
20A 1-Pole Circuit Breaker
IEC 60320 C13 to NEMA 5-15P Power Cord
IEC 60320 C13 to Sheet I Power Cord
230-4800 [F]
371-3430 [F]
250-1891 [C]
1.0" x 17" Non-Swivel Flex Tubing, M-M
Genesis NP12-12FR 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid Battery
Air Filter Set
371-3644 [F]
Rack Dolly
F371-3716 [F]
230V Dehumidifier
230V Dehumidifier, 240V AC Relay, 24AWG Cable
230V Dehumidifier, 24V DC Relay, 18AWG Cable
32A 400V Power Distribution Unit Kit
60A 208V Power Distribution Unit Kit
F371-3840 [F]
115V Dehumidifier
115V Dehumidifier, 120V AC Relay, 24AWG Cable
115V Dehumidifier, 24V DC Relay, 18AWG Cable
371-3913 [F]
Cisco WS-C3560-24TS-S Switch
371-3914 [F]
371-3915 [F]
371-3916 [F]
371-3917 [F]
371-3918 [F]
371-3919 [F]
371-3920 [F]
371-3921 [F]
371-3922 [F]
371-3923 [F]
371-3924 [F]
60A/208V 3-Phase Master PDU w 10" Power Cord
60A/208V 3-Phase Master PDU w 15" Power Cord
32A/400V 3-Phase Master PDU w 10" Power Cord
32A/400V 3-Phase Master PDU w 15" Power Cord
60A/208V 3-Phase Slave PDU w 10" Power Cord
60A/208V 3-Phase Slave PDU w 15" Power Cord
32A/400V 3-Phase Slave PDU w 10" Power Cord
32A/400V 3-Phase Slave PDU w 15" Power Cord
30A/208V CDU Link Unit w 36" Power Cord
30A/208V CDU Link Unit w 42" Power Cord
30A/208V CDU Link Unit w 54" Power Cord
371-3926 [F]
RTD Sensor w 96" Lead
371-4005 [F]
371-4006 [F]
371-4007 [F]
40A 2-Pole Circuit Breaker
60A 3-Pole Circuit Breaker
600A 3-Pole Circuit Breaker
541-2648 [F]
541-2650 [F]
541-2710 [F]
Sensor Module Assembly
EPO Alarm Module Assembly
Rack Fan Power Supply Assembly
541-2872 [F]
541-2873 [F]
541-2922 [F]
541-2942 [F]
Network Connection Panel w 8x RJ45
Network Connection Panel w 2x Roxtec RG M63/9 Seals
Network Connection Panel w 8x LC Cutouts 1
Network Connection Panel w 4x RJ45 + 4x LC Cutouts 1
1 RJ45 cutouts are round. LC cutouts are D-Shaped. LC Receptacles are not included.

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