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Sun Fire[tm] X2100 M2 Server, RoHS:YL

See also Sun Fire X2100
Sun Fire X2100, RoHS:YL

Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server and Sun Fire X2250 Server


Front View

Top View

Rear View

Service Label View

Information Areas

Quick Facts
Code Name Leo
Family part # A84
Serial Number Location
  • Inside upper edge of the front bezel
  • Inside bottom edge of the front bezel
  • Behind front bezel on the lower portion of the chassis
Rack Units 1
GA Date September 2006
EOL/SS-EOSL/EOSL EOSL List for Sun Hardware
Minimum Supported
Operating Environment Versions
Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server Product Notes
Flash PROM Patch No Flash PROM Patch

BIOS and Firmware updates
available here

Boot PROM and LOM Revisions
Warranty Warranty Information
RoHS Compliance Level RoHS:YL

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