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X311L Price Localized Power Cord Kit - North America/Asia,
180-1097 [C] IEC 320 C13 to NEMA 5-15P - 15A/125V 2.5M Black, n/a
X312E Localized Power Code Kit - China,
180-1982 [C] IEC 320 C13 to GB 2099/GB 1002 - 10A/250V 2.5M, n/a
X312F Localized Power Cord Kit - Argentina,
180-1999 [C] [S] IEC 320 C13 to IRAM 2073 - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X312G Localized Power Cord Kit - Korea,
180-1662 [C] IEC 320 C13 to KSC 8305 - 15A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X312L Localized Power Cord Kit - Continental Europe,
180-1993 [C] IEC 320 C13 to CEE 7/7 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X314L Localized Power Cord Kit - Swiss,
180-1994 [C] IEC 320 C13 to SEV 1011 - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X317L Localized Power Cord Kit - U.K.,
180-1997 [C] IEC 320 C13 to BS 1363 - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X332A Localized Power Cord Kit - Taiwan,
180-2121 [C] IEC 320 C13 to NEMA 5-15P - 10A/125V 2.5M Black, n/a
X383L Localized Power Cord Kit - Danish,
180-1995 [C] IEC 320 C13 to Asfnit 107 - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X384L Localized Power Cord Kit - Italian,
180-1996 [C] IEC 320 C13 to CEI 23-16/VII - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
X386L Localized Power Cord Kit - Australian,
180-1998 [C] [S] IEC 320 C13 to AS 3112 - 10A/250V 2.5M Black, n/a
n/a 530-3100 RJ45F to DB9F Adapter, n/a
n/a 530-3338 [F] Front I/O Board to System Board Cable, n/a
n/a 541-0648 [F] Flex Circuit Assembly, L n/a
n/a 541-0745 Blower Cable, n/a

Table Legend
[F] = Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
[C] = Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)
[S] = Supported, but can no longer be ordered with this system
[N] = No longer supported for this system
Price = Price this Part

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