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Sun StorEdge 6900 series - Components

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Description Previous
Part #
X3836A Price 530-2152 [F] Serial Cable, 5M n/a
X3859A Han 6HsB to Blue 32A IEC309 (Intl),
180-1955 [C] Han 6HsB to Blue 32A IEC309 (INTL), n/a
X978A 537-1006 [F] Fibre Channel Optical Cable 50/125 Multimode, 15M n/a
X3858A [S] AC Power Cord, Han 6HsB to NEMA L6-30P (US) 4M,
180-1954 [C] Han 6HsB to NEMA L6-30P,4M (US), n/a
X9722A [S] 537-1035 [F] Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/SC, 2M n/a
X9732A [S] 537-1041 [F] Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 2M, 2.0M n/a
X9733A [S] 537-1042 [F] Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 5M n/a
X9734A [S] 537-1043 [F] Fibre Channel Optical Cable LC/LC, 15M n/a
n/a 530-3100 RJ45F to DB9F Adapter, n/a
n/a 530-3809 [F] Serial Cable, 5M, n/a
n/a 530-3812 [F] RJ45-RJ45 Cable, 2.4M, n/a

Table Legend
[F] = Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
[C] = Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)
[S] = Supported, but can no longer be ordered with this system
[N] = No longer supported for this system
Price = Price this Part

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