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Sun Fire V40z, RoHS:YL : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1020158.1 253247 Chipkill not working within the BIOS on V20z and V40z platforms. 2011-02-22
1001017.1 201343 Mirrored 73GB and 146GB disk drives on Sun Fire V20z/V40z systems may be exposed to a drive compatibility issue when a drive is replaced. 2011-02-10
1000869.1 201150 DIMM Replacement Policy for Sun x86/x64 systems 2010-08-31
1000669.1 200881 Sun Fire V20z/V40z - If the Service Processor (SP) fails to boot, 'boot mode' may have been altered and needs setting to the default value. 2011-02-10
1000331.1 200450 Sun Fire V20z/V40z disks greater than 65535 cylinders may not be recognized for their entire size during Solaris installation. 2010-09-10
1000316.1 200434 When remounting heatsinks during CPU replacement on K2.5 and S2 CPU Aux boards - the old style spring-nut for the heatsink attachment has a tendency of breaking the standoff-screw. 2010-08-30
1000020.1 200023 RAID 1 hard drive replacement incompatibility issue on Sun V20z/V40z. 2010-09-02
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