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Solution  1000869.1 :   DIMM Replacement Policy for Sun x86/x64 systems  

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Unlike for UltraSPARC/Solaris platforms, up until now Sun has not had a policy that indicates when DIMMs should be replaced relative to memory errors on x86/x64 platforms. This lack of a policy has caused escalations from customers and confusion in the field when customers request DIMM replacements.

Sun is now implementing a DIMM replacement policy for x86/x64 systems that complements the policy we have in place for UltraSPARC/Solaris platforms.

The following paragraphs summarize the policy:

Replace a DIMM when:

  1. The DIMM fails memory testing under BIOS due to Uncorrectable Memory Errors (UEs).
  2. For systems with Solaris Predictive Self-Healing (Solaris 10 Update 2 or later, except on Intel based platforms) when the system tells you to.
  3. For systems that don't follow rule 2, whenever UEs occur and investigation shows that the errors originated from memory.  In addition, whenever more than 24 Correctable Errors (CEs) originate in 24 hours from a single DIMM and no other DIMM is showing further CEs.

If more than one DIMM has experienced multiple CEs, other possible causes of CEs have to be ruled out by a qualified Sun Support specialist before replacing any DIMMs.

Please note that the customer should have the logs showing the memory errors per the preceding rules ready to send to Sun for verification prior to calling Sun.

Any of the preceding conditions must be verified by a Sun qualified support engineer before replacement DIMMs can be shipped out to the customer.

Note: This Policy applies to all Sun x86/x64 based systems with any variant of the Solaris, Linux or Windows operating systems that are covered by an applicable Sun warranty and/or support terms.


Service personnel should follow debug instructions for the specific product. In all cases, follow the policy rules and note that, in some cases, further work is needed to verify that the DIMMs are the true source of errors.

Due to the different level of memory error handling in the different operating systems (Windows, Linux and Solaris), the customer needs to provide Sun with evidence in the form of logs confirming the number of memory errors to conform with the policy rules.

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FAQs and a UE/CE behavior matrix are available and will answer most questions at the following web site:


Customer ready materials will be available shortly at:

For more questions on the policy and how to implement it, you can also send e-mail to the following support alias:

[email protected]

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