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Sun StorageTek[tm] SL3000 Modular Library System : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1019957.1 249686 On SL3000 and SL8500 Arrays turn off auto clean on the library (via SLConsole) if automated cleaning is turned on in ACSLS or HSC. 2010-09-23
1019657.1 243086 HBK and PUK ordering process for SL8500 and SL3000 (with firmware levels at 3.72 or higher) and SL3000 (all firmware levels). 2010-10-21
1019545.1 240887 Sun StorageTek SL3000 requires new license key for FRS_2.05 when upgrading from FRS_2.00 (or earlier). 2010-09-16
1019525.1 240566 World Wide Name (WWN) of drives installed in SL3000 will change with the release of FRS_2.05 firmware. 2010-09-17
1019217.1 237025 Reminder of Installation Parts Process for Sun StorageTek L8500/L3000. 2010-08-18
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