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Document ID:I0772-1
Title:Netra t1 AC/DC systems supplied with 512MB of memory are now fitted with two 256MB cards, rather than a single 512MB card
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Update Date:2002-02-12

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FIN #: I0772-1
Synopsis: Netra t1 AC/DC systems supplied with 512MB of memory are now fitted with two 256MB cards, rather than a single 512MB card
Create Date: Feb/12/02

Netra t1 AC/DC systems supplied with 512MB of memory are now fitted with two 256MB cards, rather than a single 512MB card

SunAlert: No
Top FIN/FCO Report: No
Products Reference: Netra T1 AC/DC
Product Category: Server / Service
Product Affected: 
Systems Affected:
Mkt_ID   Platform   Model   Description               Serial Number
------   --------   -----   -----------               -------------
  -        N06       ALL    Netra T1 AC                     -
  -        N07       ALL    Netra T1 DC                     - 

X-Options affected:
Mkt_ID     Platform   Model   Description                     Serial Number
------     --------   -----   -----------                     -------------
X6985A        -         -     ASSY cPCI 256MB DS 4Stack Membd       -    
X6986A        -         -     ASSY Option 512MB FJ                  -
Parts Affected: 
Part Number      Description                         Model
-----------      -----------                         -----
501-5388-01      ASSY cPCI 256MB Memorybd              -
501-5389-01      ASSY cPCI 512MB Memorybd              -
ECO:   WO_22637

DOC:   806-2129-10: Netra T1 Systems Memory Upgrade.
       806-5606-10: Netra t1 4-Stack Memory Upgrade: Addendum.
Issue Description: 
This FIN is to inform the field of a change from 512MB memory cards to
2x256MB memory cards in Netra t1 model 100 and 105 systems.  Model
numbers N06-UKC1-9S512AT1 and N07-UKC1-9S512AT1 are affected.

Netra t1 Model 100 and 105 systems are now fitted with two 256MB cards,
rather than a single 512MB card.  This reduces the options available
for future memory expansion.

The Netra t1 systems support either one, two or four memory cards.
Since 512MB Memory now consists of two 256MB memory cards, the only
option for expansion is to add an additional two 256MB memory cards,
giving a total of 1GB of memory. Note that, as before, only 256MB memory
cards capable of being used in a 4 card stack should be used, option
When troubleshooting Netra t1 systems with 512MB of memory, the service 
representative will have to identify the type of memory installed, either
1x512MB card or 2x256MB cards) to determine which memory FRU is required
for memory replacements.
To physically identify a configuration which has 2x256MB boards fitted,
please adhere to the following guideline: 

  . Remove the system lid and count the number of memory boards fitted 
    in the system. 
  . Compare the physical number of boards with the total memory on the 
  . Total memory can be identified by typing "prtconf" in a terminal 
  . Total memory of 512MB and two memory boards = 256MB Boards fitted.
  . Total memory of between 512MB and 1GB and two boards = 512MB board plus 
    one other memory board (64MB or 256MB). 
  NOTE: 3 memory boards is an unsupported configuration.
  . Total Memory of 1GB and two memory boards = 2x512MB boards fitted
  . Total memory of 1GB and four memory boards = 4x256MB boards fitted
Following is the reason for this configuration change:

  512MB memory cards are no longer available in sufficient quantities
  to continue using them in the manufacture of Netra t1 systems.  512MB
  memory cards in Netra t1 systems have been replaced in manufacturing
  by two 256MB cards.  Single card 512MB FRUs and X-options are still
        |   |   MANDATORY (Fully Proactive)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PROACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        | X |   REACTIVE (As Required)
Corrective Action: 
The following recommendation is provided as a guideline for authorized
Enterprise Services Field Representatives who may encounter the above
mentioned problem.

When replacing memory in Netra t1 systems which contain 512MB memory
the service representative must identify whether the system contains
two 256MB memory cards or one 512MB memory card before sending or
taking replacement parts to the customer site.

Implementation Footnote: 
i)   In case of MANDATORY FINs, Enterprise Services will attempt to    
     contact all affected customers to recommend implementation of 
     the FIN. 
ii)  For CONTROLLED PROACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services mission critical    
     support teams will recommend implementation of the FIN  (to their  
     respective accounts), at the convenience of the customer. 

iii) For REACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services will implement the FIN as the   
     need arises.
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