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Update Date:2009-01-27

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Solution  1018251.1 :   Sun Fire[TM] V100: Console on LOM (Lights Out Management) is not available with "Console is not shared"  

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On LOM, the console command does not work with the following message. In addition, console -f does not help.
Console is not shared
       lom>console -f
Console is not shared

This problem can be seen when ttya is not set as input-device and output-device on OpenBoot[TM] PROM (OBP). To enable console functionality on LOM, it is neccessary to set ttya on both parameters.
There are three options to do this.

Option 1

When the Solaris[TM] Operating System is running on the Sun Fire V100, it can be set up by using the eeprom command with the following instruction:

1. Login to the system as root.

2. Execute the following commands:

       # eeprom input-device=ttya
# eeprom output-device=ttya

3. Reboot the system

Option 2

When Solaris Operating is not running on the Sun Fire V100, set to the default NVRAM settings by using bootmode command on LOM. This sets ttya as a default value for input-device and output-device.

Do the following in LOM:

       lom> bootmode reset_nvram
lom> reset

Option 3

When Solaris Operating System is not running and the customer does not want to change other OBP parameters, try to connect a serial terminal via the serial-B port. On this port, OBP prompt might be seen. If the ok prompt can be seen, then set the two paramters with the following instructions:

       ok setenv input-device ttya
ok setenv output-device ttya
ok reset-all

Sun Fire V100 Server

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