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Update Date:2009-03-09

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Solution  1009007.1 :   Sun Fire[TM] V100 fault led is flashing (extra info)  

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On a Sun Fire V100 the fault LED is flashing, but system is running fine.

The manual of the V100 gives the following information about the fault
Flashing On and Off
A problem has occurred that is fatal to the server. Circumstances that
cause the Fault LED to flash include the following:
* The speed of one of the fan inside the server is too low.
* The temperature inside the server's enclosure is too high.
(By default, this causes the server to shut down.)
* The voltage on one of the server's output supply rails is to high.
(By default, this causes the server to shut down.)
* The temperature inside the CPU is too high.
(This causes the server to shut down.)
In this case the server is running fine, no errors at all!
Check the System has been patched to be sure there was no issue regarding
low-rev patches and OBP firmware.
Check the following packages are installed on the system.
/var/adm/messages reports the LED on and off state as well as the error if
the above packages are installed.
Check the System has been patched to be sure there is no issue regarding
low-rev patches and OBP firmware.
OBP patch:  111952
LOM patch:  110208
(Check on Sunsolve for the latest revision of these patches)
NOTE: the LOM patch is a software and firmware patch. When you patchadd,
you will get the software update delivered, but not the firmware.
You just get a firmware file. You have to type "lom -G default" at
the root prompt to program the LOM prom. Since the prom updates are
done via an internal serial connection, they can take minutes to
complete. The LOM firmware can take up to 5 minutes and you may
think the system is hanging, please wait!

Additional Information
First follow the steps mentioned in the resolution, fully patch the server
and upgrade the OBP to the latest level!

after that if the problem is still there, reseat the system configuration
card (SCC), be aware that this card has to be in the system again in 60
seconds or the system will SHUTDOWN, if the fault LED it still flashing
after patching and reseating, please contact Sun Microsystems Support.

Sun Fire V100 Server

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Thanks to Anthony McNamara (PTS-VSP) for his help.
SunFire V100, Faulty LED, flashing
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