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Asset ID: 1-73-1001189.1
Update Date:2010-11-12

Solution Type  FAB (standard) Sure

Solution  1001189.1 :   Early versions of StorADE health monitoring software may misrepresent disk errors from Sun StorEdge 3910/3960 and 6910/6960 Arrays and Sun StorEdge 6320 Systems.  

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Sun StorageTek 3960
Sun StorageTek 6320 System
Sun StorageTek 6910
Sun StorageTek 6960
Sun StorageTek 3910

Bug Id
<SUNBUG: 4988579> <SUNBUG: 4977589> <SUNBUG: 4986165> <SUNBUG: 4899903> <SUNBUG: 4976847> <SUNBUG: 4983823> <SUNBUG: 4992191>


Early versions of Sun StorADE health monitoring software embedded in the service processors of Sun StorEdge 3910/3960 and Sun StorEdge 6910/6960 Arrays and Sun StorEdge 6320 Systems do not correctly handle soft error messages coming from disk drives.  This can lead to unnecessary replacement of disk drives or possible double device failures when an incorrectly diagnosed disk drive is pulled from a working array.

Contributing Factors

Affected systems/arrays include:

  • Sun StorEdge 3910/3960 Arrays without SP Image 2.3.4
  • Sun StorEdge 6910/6960 Arrays without SP Image 2.3.4
  • Sun StorEdge 6320 Systems without SP Image 1.2.5

To determine the service processor image version, run the following command on SE3910/3960 and SE6910/6960 Arrays.

     # cat /etc/motd
     Sun Microsystems Inc. NWS Service Processor Image Revision 2.3.4  Oct 7, 2004
For SE6320 Systems, run this command.
     # cat /etc/release
     Sun StorEdge(tm) 6320 Service Processor Version 1.2.5
     Patch Released March 14, 2005

Note that these commands are also run as part of "se_extract".  See the results in the extractor output.

The enabling of the volVerify functions in StorADE health monitoring software and the array disk_scrubber may result in an increased level of soft error messages. This occurs because the entire media is being read during the disk_scrubber cycle. During normal operation (w/o disk_scrubber enabled) only a percentage of the media is read and many of the soft errors may not be encountered.    


There are several indications that this issue has been encountered.

1. The StorADE GUI Alarm view page shows ERRORs for recoverable soft errors on disk drives.  Errors are indicated by a red symbol in the GUI alarm view page. Look for LogEvents with the red Error symbol.

2. LogEvent notification receipts with no apparent state or status changes in the disk drives operational behavior.  Look for the absence of orange drive failure lights on the array.

Example: (this is an example of a possible email message from an SE3910.  The message from an SE6320 would be similar.)

   You requested the following events be forwarded to you from 'sp0
   Site     : sitename City State
   Agent    : msp0
   Severity : Error (Actionable)
   Category : StorEdge T3
   DeviceId : t3b0
   EventType: LogEvent.M.disk.u1d8.senseKey
   EventCode: 21.20.138
   EventTime: 2005/03/18 05:50:05
   1 array_warning(s) found in logfile /var/adm/messages.t3 (indicating problem
   with T3 msp0-t3b0/ Mar 18 05:45:34 t3b0 ISR1[1]: N: u1d8
   SCSI Disk Error Occurred (path = 0x0):
   Mar 18 05:45:34 t3b0 ISR1[1]: N: u1d8 SCSI Disk Error Occurred (path = 0x0)
   Mar 18 05:45:34 t3b0 ISR1[1]: N: u1d8 Sense Key = 0x1, Asc = 0x3, Ascq = 0x0
   Mar 18 05:45:34 t3b0 ISR1[1]: N: u1d8 Sense Data Description = Peripheral
   Device Write Fault
   Mar 18 05:45:34 t3b0 ISR1[1]: N: u1d8 Valid Information = 0x3e8
   Sense Key information indicating a potential problem condition.
   1. Replace Drive.
   2. Contact support provider.

Root Cause

This issue occurs because policies in the StorADE health monitoring software were deficient with respect to soft disk errors.  The issue is addressed with new service processor images now available for these arrays/systems.


Upgrade the StorADE health monitoring software and the array firmware by installing the latest available Service Processor image.

Follow these general upgrade steps.

  1. Schedule time with the customer for the upgrade.
  2. Obtain the current upgrade CD.  See minimum versions below.

  3. Obtain the current Service Processor image using the steps above, depending on system type.

  4. Investigate the upgrade matrix to determine how to obtain the latest fixes.

  5. Follow the instructions to upgrade and restore the service processor to an operational state.

  6. Follow the instructions to upgrade and restore the individual solution system components.


SE6320 System

Patch 1.2.5    

Date: February 28, 2005

Software Components:

      SP Software 115589-10

      FBR Patch 117106-02

      PatchPro Patch 113193-05

      SUNWstads Support Patch 114591-20

      Array Firmware 3.1.6 115179-13

      Fujitsu (MAP3735F) 72GB 10k 1601 116514-07

      Fujitsu (MAP3147F) 146GB 10k 1601 116815-05

      Fujitsu (MAS3367F) 36GB 15k 0801 116816-02

      Fujitsu (MAS3735F) 72GB 15k 0801 116817-02

This image may be downloaded from http://edist.central or


SE3910/3960 and SE6910/6960  

Patch 2.3.4

Date: 17 Dec 2004

Software Components:

      SA 2.2 Release matrix patch T116393-05

      Array Firmware 3.1.5 115180-07


This image may be downloaded from http://webhome.sfbay/SIG/indy/Downloads.shtml or


To upgrade a 3910/3960 and 6910/6960, a specific upgrade path must be followed.  Each has its own CD. The Field Engineer will have to determine the correct path, then get the CDs for each upgrade.

The paths are:

  • 2.0.2 -> 2.0.3
  • 2.0.3 -> 2.1.1
  • 2.1.1 -> 2.1.2
  • 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3
  • 2.1.2, 2.1.3 -> 2.1.4
  • 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4 -> 2.3.1
  • 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2
  • 2.3.2 -> 2.3.3
  • 2.3.3 -> 2.3.4


Please keep in mind that with every new release there are fixes to known issues and these fixes are making the product better.
Be proactive and make it your mission to ensure all your customers storage products are running with the best possible chance of working at peak performance.
Always be sure to research the current released version and obtain it for the upgrade. Refer to the README docs to ensure success.

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