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Sun Fire X4100 Server, RoHS:YL : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1017422.1 228519 Hardware: A limited number of AMD Opteron CPUs in X4100, X4200, X4500 and X4600 systems can cause unexpectedly system shut down without warning or trace evidence. 2010-11-10
1001342.1 201804 The LSI controller in Sun Fire X4100 and X4200 systems requires specific LSI driver versions to operate properly. 2010-08-26
1001326.1 201788 Sun Fire[tm] X4100 and X4200 ILOM Upgrade Procedure Flaws 2010-08-25
1001303.1 201763 Sun Fire 4100 and X4200 servers may experience issues displaying product-specific FRU information. 2010-09-01
1000869.1 201150 DIMM Replacement Policy for Sun x86/x64 systems 2010-08-31
1000817.1 201096 Some Sun Fire X4100/X4200 Servers have a BIOS version which is incompatible with the LSI MPT firmware. 2010-09-02
1000792.1 201070 Failure to properly tighten System/Motherboard or PDB on the Sun Fire X4100 and X4200 can result in a system outage or thermal event. 2010-08-30
1000095.1 200113 X4100 and X4200 May Encounter Unscheduled System Reboots Due to Double-Bit Uncorrectable Memory Errors 2010-09-01
1000014.1 200017 Galaxy 1 & 2 (X4100 & X4200) Motherboards may be damaged during insertion/replacement 2010-09-02
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