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Sun Fire V490: Configuration Information

Supported Disk Backplane Cabling Diagrams
V490 FC-AL Disk Backplane with Single Loop (A)
V490 FC-AL Disk Backplane with Dual Loops (A and B)

Disk Backplane Cabling Notes:

  1. When Loop B is configured, the external Port 1 of X6727A (375-3030) card cannot be used for additional external storage. This would extend the internal loop B outside of the box, which is not supported. Making use of the second external port off X6727A is supported.

Multi-Pathing Notes:

  1. Multi-pathing configurations on the V490's internal subsystem MUST be managed by either VxDMP or MPxIO.
  2. MPxIO now supports a boot disk and is a viable multi-pathing solution for the internal FC-AL drives on V490.
  3. Any V490 that requires multi-pathing to the internal storage array may be quoted at a workgroup license fee rather than the departmental license fee.
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