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Sun Fire[tm] V440 Server

See also Sun Fire V440, RoHS:YL

Sun Fire V445

Front View

Front Open View

Top View

Rear View

Information Areas

Quick Facts

Code Name

Family part # A42
Serial Number Location
  • Rear, lower left under power connector
  • Rear, lower right under the PCI slots
  • Rear, right of power inlets
Rack Units 4
GA Date October 2003
EOL/SS-EOSL/EOSL EOSL List for Sun Hardware
Minimum Supported
Solaris[tm] Operating Environment Versions

8 7/03
9 12/03

Flash PROM Patch 118319 OBP 4.17.2
119240 OBP 4.16.6
119245 OBP 4.18.10
121685 OBP 4.22.x

Boot PROM and LOM Revisions
Warranty Warranty Information
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