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Sun Fire[tm] V250 Server: Related Documentation

Product Documentation

Provides comprehensive and up-to-date product documentation.
Part Number
Sun Fire V250 Server: Just the Facts (09/20/05) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Sun Fire V250 Server Installation Guide Provides a detailed guide to unpacking, installing and setting up the Sun Fire V250 server.
Sun Fire V250 Server Administration Guide Intended to be used by system administrators. As well as general descriptive information about the Sun Fire V250 server, it includes detailed instructions on the following topics: Server Administration, Problem Diagnosis, and Customer Replaceable Components.
Sun Fire V250 Server Parts Replacement Manual Provides detailed instructions for removing and replacing components of the server. Some of the procedures can be carried out by the user, others by the service provider only.
Sun Fire V250 Server Product Notes This document contains late-breaking news which was not available at the time the beta documentation went to press.
Sun Fire V250 Server Installation FAQ Provides some additional information for people who are setting up a Solaris system for the first time, and who may be unfamiliar with some of the terms and concepts referred to in the Sun Fire V250 Server Installation Guide.
Sun Fire V250 Server CPU Upgrade Guide Describes the procedure for upgrading a CPU in the Sun Fire V250 server. The procedures described in this document are to be performed by service personnel only.


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