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Sun Fire 12K : Problem Documents

Problem Document Former IBIS ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1020543.1 260468 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/20K/25K: Esmd reports false voltage alarms on HPCI boards 2011-02-02
1019902.1 248546 "showboards" may report invalid power values when the locale is not set to "C" 2011-01-26
1018867.1 230667 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Mailbox Framework Failures, Even Without DR Operation 2011-02-04
1018155.1 229505 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K Servers : prtdiag reports "/IO31/P3" for SlotId and "-1" for PortId. 2010-06-21
1018065.1 229375 Virtual Console Daemon (cvcd) fails to start on a Solaris[TM] 10 High End Server domain. 2011-02-02
1017937.1 229199 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: UltraSPARC[R] IV Processors report over-temperature events. 2011-01-12
1017727.1 228936 System Management Services (SMS) 1.3 or older: flashupdate unable to flash boards with 5.19.X or newer 2010-09-20
1017493.1 228616 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Cheat Sheet: hsPCI, hsPCI+ and hsPCI-X Cartridge Locations 2011-04-19
1012322.1 217005 System Management Services: The smsconnectsc command fails with "all ports busy" or just hangs. 2010-06-15
1012320.1 217002 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/20K/25K: Domain reports "sun-dr/tcp: bind: Address already in use" 2010-06-29
1012044.1 216503 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: Recognizing SMS split brain 2011-05-26
1011106.1 215279 Fabric devices and QuickLoop devices exported to Solaris [TM] via the same Fiber Channel connection. 2010-01-28
1010957.1 215113 "uname -a" on a Sun Fire[TM] 12K/20K/25K reports Sun-Fire[TM]15000 2010-12-20
1010924.1 215073 Sun Fire[TM] Server : Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) fails due to Real Time (RT) process running. 2011-01-30
1010750.1 214835 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Domain fails HPOST test "PCI IOC External Functional Tests,SUBTEST=PCI IOC DMA External loopback Tests" 2011-05-26
1010722.1 214797 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Error message "cfgadm: Hardware specific failure: unconfigure SB2: Failed to off-line: dr@0:SB2::cpu2" 2011-02-09
1010705.1 214778 Reboot of one domain, 2 others dstop with ?Timeout on head of CI queue? 2011-01-12
1010600.1 214583 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: "Domain failed by hpost: ecode=39" 2010-06-18
1010336.1 214178 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: FOMD error 8563 - failed to configure logical interface 2009-09-15
1010335.1 214177 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Identifying and recovering from a domain hang 2011-05-10
1009696.1 213337 "kstat -p" and "prtdiag -v" may give seemingly different PCI bus speeds for Dual Fast Ethernet and Dual SCSI PCI Adapters 2010-07-06
1009533.1 213152 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/20K/25K: DR not possible when CSB is blacklisted and domain configured with both Centreplane halves active 2010-06-18
1009267.1 212826 cfgadm: Component system is busy, try again 2010-06-15
1009124.1 212618 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: showdevices takes a long time to return 2010-05-27
1008914.1 212263 Sun Fire[TM] 15K: Console stuck in IOSRAM mode 2010-06-14
1008905.1 212253 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Safari Agent ID Cheat Sheet and Decoding CPU, Memory, and IOC Locations 2011-04-07
1008805.1 212092 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Remote Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) generates "DCA/DCS Communication Error" and showdevices is ?Unable to get device information from domain?. 2011-05-09
1008803.1 212090 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: showdevices can hang if sd.conf is large or misleading 2010-01-27
1007966.1 210986 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K E20K/E25K servers: Can't setkeyswitch domains. POST aborts with ecode=2 2011-05-11
1007939.1 210950 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Solaris[TM] 10 DR detach of IO Board containing the dman interface fails with "Device busy: dr@0:IO<##>::pci2" 2010-11-23
1007790.1 210776 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: System Controller (SC) platform messages file reports "FRAD chkpt WRITE failed. session id: 128, return code: 8" errors. 2009-09-01
1007782.1 210767 Dynamic Reconfiguration or hot plug problems on a QGE HBA (4444A). 2010-05-27
1007768.1 210753 Sun Fire[TM] 15K: Reply for ssc-seteeprom command failed 2009-09-28
1007736.1 210714 Diagnosing multiple DIMM CE errors occurring on multiple DIMMs 2010-12-28
1007730.1 210708 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: showdevices command fails on system controller 2011-01-04
1007619.1 210538 Sun Fire [TM] 15k (12k) system controller gives message WARNING: pcipsy0: spurious interrupt from ino 0x1c 2011-05-02
1007591.1 210502 Sun Fire[TM] 12K, 15K, E20K, E25K: OpenBoot[TM] Prom no Longer Accepts Shortened Disk Boot Device Paths in System Management Services (SMS) 1.4.1 2011-01-24
1006864.1 209529 Sun Fire[TM] Mid Range and High end servers: Dynamic Reconfiguration for Uniboard removal may cause Lotus Domino server instance(s) to abnormally stop 2010-05-26
1006728.1 209372 Connection to Nile proxy is down and could not be re-established, remote reporting aborted. 2011-01-03
1006575.1 209180 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: After upgrading hsPCI to hsPCI+ domain fails to boot 2011-04-26
1006505.1 209103 Best Practice for EMC Array Special LUN when connected to system running Solaris[TM] Operating System 2011-03-24
1006491.1 209087 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: System Controller /var/adm/messages shows many eri "link up" (and sometimes "link down") messages 2010-09-01
1006327.1 208878 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: The "setkeyswitch on" command fails with "FAIL Addr Bus C1: Cplane already in use with this bus deconfigured." 2009-12-02
1006302.1 208841 Sun Fire[TM] 15k: Domain not Booting: "Domain failed by hpost: ecode=36" 2010-05-27
1006249.1 208764 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Solaris[TM] 8 domain hangs on resuming JNI I/O device driver 2011-02-17
1006233.1 208741 Sun Fire[TM] Servers: Interpreting System Management Services(SMS) Failed Power Supply Messages 2010-12-27
1006217.1 208701 Sun Fire[TM] System Controller: Warning Message Appears After the CP1500 Board Replacement 2011-01-19
1006156.1 208621 "ERROR: Can't open boot device" booting CDROM or disk with Sun[TM] Dual FastEthernet / Dual SCSI PCI Card 2010-07-06
1006088.1 208489 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Dstop: AMX: Detected Header parity error from AXQ 2011-01-12
1006050.1 208437 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Interrupt not serviced messages on System Controller 2009-12-02
1006045.1 208431 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Incomplete removal of dynamic reconfiguration (DR) capability may lead to network hangs 2011-06-06
1005038.1 207089 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Domain Reboots if the Open Boot PROM Boot Device Is Incorrect 2011-04-26
1004782.1 206640 probe-scsi-all can see disks, but boot -r, devfsadm , and drvconfig, fail to add disks to OS 2011-05-27
1004712.1 206542 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Domain reboot hangs at "resetting..." and does not run HPOST 2009-12-03
1004618.1 206404 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: frad daemon reports "Ignoring CRC error" or "TH Segment CRC is wrong on DIMM" 2011-04-26
1004598.1 206377 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Recovering from a System Controller disk failure 2010-06-10
1003853.1 205408 Sun Fire[TM] 12/15/20/25K server found with DC Breaker in the 'off' position 2010-07-20
1003727.1 205251 System Management Services: Upgrading SMS 1.3 to 1.4.1 fails with smsrestore error 2009-09-23
1003585.1 205060 Sun Fire [TM] 12K/15K: Cards Fail to be Configured in I/O Board Slot 1 if Slot 3 is Populated 2010-08-27
1003552.1 204998 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: SC POST results: 'Power On Selftest not run on last reset' 2010-06-07
1003550.1 204994 Sun Fire[TM] 12K - E25K / Sparc Enterprise Mx000: WARNING: fcode_timer: Timeout waiting for interpreter - Interpreter did not pick up request 2011-01-04
1003436.1 204819 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: Post failure on Domain Advanced Tests 2009-09-27
1003334.1 204629 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K: WARNING: mod_load: cannot load module 'scman' 2009-12-03
1003308.1 204588 Sun Fire[TM]12K/15K/E20K/E25K: esmd warning; A power failure has been detected on a redundant power supply at ... 2010-09-22
1002804.1 203828 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Hpost fails an IO board which "Shares an expander with an unthrottled USIV+ board which is active in another domain." 2010-08-19
1002762.1 203778 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: Seeprom never went ready errors after platform power on. 2010-06-10
1002642.1 203643 SMS Failover is disabled due to I2 network failure running on Solaris[TM] 10 Operating System with patch 122608-03 installed 2011-05-12
1002437.1 203410 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/20K/25K: cfgadm -c disconnect fails with Library error: RCM request delete capacity failed for SB 2010-06-18
1002417.1 203384 Missing drv/clone forceload in /etc/system on a system with Emulex cards may cause panic during boot 2010-06-07
1002119.1 203019 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: "Error reading E$Dimm SBxx/P[0,1]/E[0,1] seeprom" reported for a 2-cpu board. 2011-01-05
1002017.1 202816 Sun Fire[TM] 12K and 15K: SunSAI/P serial port expansion cards are not compatible with Sun Fire servers 2011-03-08
1002001.1 202789 Sun Fire[TM] Servers: 12K/15K/E25K/E20K: Post passed but CPUs are missing under Solaris[TM] 2010-06-17
1001923.1 202678 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K/E20K/E25K: smsconnectsc command gives "Unable to obtain a lock." errors 2009-09-27
1001848.1 202532 Sun Fire[TM] 12K/15K Server: Terminating a hpost reset/recovery loop test cycle on a domain 2009-09-27
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