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Sun Blade[tm] 1500 Workstation: Related Documentation

Note: A Sun Blade 1500 Hardware Documentation CD assembly, part number 724-7412-01, is part of the accessory kit that ships inside the carton with each Sun Blade 1500 Workstation. The documentation CD includes many of the part-numbered manuals linked to from this page. The files on the CD include movies for major hardware service procedures. These movies can be viewed as standalone procedures, and can also be reached by links within the HTML and PDF Service, Diagnostic, and Troubleshooting Manual on the Sun Blade 1500 Hardware Documentation CD.

Product Documentation

Sun Blade 1500 Documentation

(Scroll down on the linked page for Sun Blade 1500 (Red) documents)
Provides comprehensive and up-to-date product documentation.
Part Number
Sun Blade 1500 & Sun Blade 2500 Workstations - Just the Facts (8/17/04)) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
SX1500 & SX2500 - Just the Facts (11/03) Reference document for the leveraged motherboards of the Sun Blade 1500 and 2500 respectively.
Start Here Sun Blade 1500 Two sided poster that provides pictorial information about setting up a Sun Blade 1500.
Where to Find Sun Blade 1500 Documentation Provides a list of documentation related to Sun Blade 1500 and lists URLs where to find this documentation.


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