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Sun SPARC Enterprise[tm] T5220 Server: Repair Procedures

This section provides tips (when available) for the most common repair procedures for the Sun Fire T5220. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 and T5220 Servers Service Manual (820-2181)

The following table provides tips associated with each component.

Component Tips
  • Console behavior is inconsistent when a graphics device and keyboard are specified for console use. This occurs when the OpenBoot variables 'input-device' and 'output-device' are set to anything other than the default value of 'virtual-console'. (FAB 1018990.1).
  • PCI Retainer Bar improvement on specific systems. (FAB 1020282.1).
Power Supplies
  • FCO A0306-1: Some Sun Fire, SPARC Enterprise, and Sun Storage Systems using Power Supply Units within a certain date code range may experience a Thermal Event upon PSU failure.(FAB 1020545.1).
  • FCO A0314-1: A small number of P/N 300-2105 D204 PSUs with specific serial numbers used in Sun Fire T5220/T5240 may be susceptible to thermal events.(FAB 1191394.1).
Removable Media
  • First Issue: DVD Drive Read and Write Errors and/or media damage possibly resulting in the DVD Drive being unusable at any level of system operation. Second Issue: DVD Backplane connector damage may result from a missalignment between the DVD Drive and backplane connector. (FAB 1019082.1).
  • DVD does not align during installation of the DVD and can cause damage to the DVD and/or backlplane. (FAB 1019599.1).
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5x20 and T5x40 PATA DVD won't Boot or Mount. (FAB 1020828.1).
System Board
  • Replacing Motherboard in T5220 Plus or T5120 Plus requires workaround and/or firmware upgrade. (FAB 1019881.1).
System Firmware
  • IBM DB2 database fails on T5120/T5220 with system firmware version 7.0.3.b due to dmmu fault addresses not sign-extended. (FAB 1019111.1).
Power Distribution Board
  • If replacing a defective PDB, you must move the bus bar to the new board and program the chassis serial number using the setscn command. Reference the Service Manual.

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