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Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1020828.1 265589 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5x20 and T5x40 PATA DVD won't Boot or Mount. 2010-10-28
1019881.1 248146 Replacing Motherboard in T5220 Plus or T5120 Plus requires workaround and/or firmware upgrade. 2011-05-20
1019695.1 244006 Fan Connectors on the Fan Boards are being damaged upon Fan removal/replacement for systems using the Jake 1U chassis. 2010-06-30
1019111.1 235061 IBM DB2 database fails on T5120/T5220 with system firmware version 7.0.3.b due to dmmu fault addresses not sign-extended. 2010-08-17
1018990.1 231543 Configuring LDoms systems to use a graphics adapter as the console device will find functionality inconsistent with previous SPARC platforms. 2010-09-16
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