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Netra[tm] t1 100/105 Servers: Related Documentation

Product Documentation

Provides comprehensive and up-to-date product documentation.
Part Number
Netra t1: Just the Facts (7/99) Provides reference information about positioning, target market, system architecture, and ordering.
Netra t1 100/105 LEDs Provides LED information for the front panel and back panel.
Netra t1 Model 105 Installation Guide (Part 1) Provides installation instructions for the Netra t1 105 (part 1 of 2).
Netra t1 Model 105 Installation Guide (Part 2) Provides installation instructions for the Netra t1 105 (part 2 of 2). This part provides only the CD-ROM installation instructions.
Netra t1 Systems LOMlite User's Guide Provides user information about the LOMlite device, which provides lights out management or remote management of a Netra t1 system over a serial connection. While the system is running, LOMlite also provides event reporting via the Solaris operating environment.
Netra t1 Systems CD-ROM Drive Shows how to install the optional CD-ROM drive into the Netra t1 105.
Netra t1 Systems Memory Upgrade Shows how to install additional memory into the Netra t1 105.
Netra t1 Model 100/105 Release Notes Contains late-breaking information about changes to the Netra t1 100/105 hardware, software, and product documentation. This document includes information about installation patches, LOMLite, environment variables, POST, using the CD-ROM, and modem control.
Rackmount Installation Guide Provides instructions for fitting a Netra t1, T1, or st D130 into various standard racks using slide mounts or fixed brackets.
Netra t1 User and Administration Guide Tells you how to install, maintain, and manage a Netra t1 Model 100/105 server.
Netra t1 4-Stack Memory Upgrade: Addendum Tells you how to install a stack of four 256 Mbyte memory boards into the Netra t1 system.
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) When Connecting Your System Expander to a Netra t1 Server (1xx Series) Shows how to install two ESD-shielding gaskets into the Netra t1 server if you want it to host a Netra E1 PCI system expander.


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