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Netra T2000, RoHS:YL : Sun Alerts

Sun Alert Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1020046.1 251446 Netra T2000 With PCI Tray 371-1959-02 and Netra X4200 M2 With PCI Tray 371-2368-03 Do Not Configure 1x or 4x PCIE Cards 2011-02-28
1019731.1 244826 A Security Vulnerability in the Sun System Firmware on Certain SPARC Systems May Allow Unauthorized Data Access 2011-02-17
1018969.1 231281 Sun Fire T1000/T2000 and Netra T2000 With Firmware 6.5.11 May Experience Continuous Console EFT Errors 2011-02-28
1000526.1 200669 Upgrading Certain Sun Fire/Enterprise or Netra Systems to Firmware 6.4.4 Prior to OS Boot May Corrupt the Service Processor 2011-02-23
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