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Sun Fire E6900 : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1017415.1 228510 The Performance Impact Of Configuring Two Domains In a Single Partition Can Be More Significant When Using UltraSparc IV+ Processors 2010-08-19
1001194.1 201589 Applications using large memory page sizes on UltraSPARC IV+ CPUs may hang or core dump. 2010-08-25
1001031.1 201358 Emulex LP10000 PCI-X HBA Operating in 33MHz Mode Will Report PCI Bus Errors Resulting in the HBA not Being Accessible 2010-07-06
1000859.1 201140 PCI and PCI+ IO Assemblies in Sun Fire 4800/4810/6800 or Sun Fire E4900/E6900 systems may fail to power up if one or more QGE cards are installed. 2011-03-17
1000283.1 200398 Sun Fire 4800/E4900/6800/E6900 systems with US-IV+ boards have restrictions which limit the number of domains when Repeater Board V1 is installed. 2010-11-10
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