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Sun Enterprise 4500 : Archived FINs and FCOs

Implementation (Impl.):
M = Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

C = Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

U = Upon Failure
R = Reactive (As Required)

FAB Implementation Synopsis Last Modified Date
A0258-1 U Mitsubishi 256MB DIMMs (Sun p/n 501-5658) showing significantly lower than expected reliability. Feb 10 2006
A0210-1 U 400MHz and 464/466MHz UltraSPARC II Modules in Enterprise Server platforms may experience system reboots or system panics. Sep 08 2003
A0182-2 U Systems with 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rate. Feb 07 2005
A0171-1 U Enterprise Servers E4500, E5500 and E6500 may report false error messages when running POST, PRTDIAG, or during system boot-up. Oct 13 2000
A0163-1 C Systems with large quantities of UDWIS/SBus Host Adapters installed may not come up after reboot due to miscommunication between the SCSI host and the target. Mar 31 2000
A0151-1 U SC2000 will fail Power-On Self-Test (POST) in extended mode with FDDI 5.0 SBus controllers installed. Dec 24 1999
A0139-1 U Any Ultra PCI-based system with the PGX Graphics PCI Frame Buffer installed may display a vertical black stripe while running in the OpenWindows environment. Nov 25 1998
A0138-1 C SBus/FC SOC+ Host Adapters may experience recoverable data transfer read errors. May 14 1999
A0136-1 U POST will fail with 'SCSI_VDD' error message in DIAG mode on E4x00/5x00/6x00 systems with -02 Internal 4.2GB Disk Boards. Nov 16 1998
A0133-1 M When the Annex Terminal Concentrator is powered on, it sends a break signal to each port, dropping any attached Sun Servers to the OBPROM prompt. Jul 14 1998
I0800-1 R Ultra Enterprise Exx00 I/O Boards can fail with FEPS error during POST if installed in a slot where there are damaged spring fingers 2002-03-25
I0768-1 R Sun Cluster 2.X software does not support the hardware DR features of Sun Enterprise Servers 2002-02-06
I0719-1 n/a All the support calls related to the Exabyte Mammoth II tape drive need to be forwarded to Exabyte. 2001-10-11
I0712-1 R Finisar GBIC problems on the storage array products 2001-08-29
I0707-1 R Booting from Network problem with Solaris 2.5.1 & 2.6 with 464MHz or faster CPU 2001-08-16
I0689-1 R To torque correctly on a specific Sun Products, refer to the Torque tool matrix for correct Torque Bit Type/Size and Torque Setting 2002-09-26
I0683-1 R Heat sink fall off problem on Sunfire CPU & I/O boards 2001-07-24
I0599-1 R Power/Cooling Module on EXX00 May Suffer a Silent Mode Failure. 2000-09-11
I0587-1 R Fatal Reset Errors occurring on the Enterprise Servers may not be diagnosed as E-Cache Tag Parity Errors. 2000-07-26
I0579-1 C Systems with Ultra DWIS/SBus Host Adapter slow to a halt under heavy IO loads and the Console displays "SCSI transport failed" error messages. 2000-06-08
I0578-1 R The Sun Enterprise Alternate Pathing (AP) 2.3 AnswerBook package is missing from the AP 2.3 release. 2000-05-11
I0570-3 R Provide instructions and guidelines to CORRECTLY identify Ecache panic fault diagnosis. 2000-07-07
I0547-1 C Intermittently, SCSI devices connected to a UDWIS card may 2000-01-21
I0540-1 n/a Upgrade of HA 1.x clusters to Sun Cluster 2.2 may fail if HA-NFS is absent. 1999-11-19
I0539-1 R Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing software is incorrect on the Solaris 8/99 Media Kit. 1999-11-19
I0516-1 R Firmware Upgrade for EOL Mammoth 8mm Tape drive. 1999-09-28
I0469-1 R Sun FDDI SBus Adapter 5.0 SAS/DAS mounting screws may not fit the EMI plate due to excessive plating 1998-12-24
I0426-1 R EXX00 Disk Card Status LEDs changed to "OFF-ON-OFF" on boot up with Solaris 2.6 HW 5/98 or above. 1998-09-26
I0412-1 R SunATM-155 Sbus Board Replacement May Render Interface Unrecognizable. 1998-08-05
I0403-2 n/a UPDATED FIN. EXX00 and E10000 CPU Module Handling and Torque Sequence, E10000 I/O Mezzanine and E10000 Memory Mezzanine Torque Sequence 1998-12-24
I0377-1 R ECC Memory Error Guideline for Enterprise 2003-04-07
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