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Sun StorEdge [tm] A7000

Base Package w Two Disk Drawers

f150-3028 278-100019-001 Bus Terminator
f150-3029 278-100020-001 Tag Terminator
8KVA UPS (-01 with 1× 50A outlet)
8KVA UPS (-02 with 2× 50A outlets)
f300-1382 269-100118-001 250W Dual Output Power Supply
f300-1384 269-100107-001 14-Slot Chassis 800W Power Supply A/B
f300-1386 269-100109-001 DC Bulk Power Supply Chassis
f300-1387 269-100109-002 Power Supply Converter Module
f300-1391 269-100109-004 360VDC Power Supply
f370-3378 207-300036-001 HDSA Fan
f370-3379 221-300128-009 SCSI Tape Drive (not released)
f370-3385 221-300161-100 1.2GB Disk Drive for Notebook
f370-3391 221-600023-001 Microxctvr2 Ethernet
f370-3393 221-600027-001 Syntex Notebook Kit
f370-3394 221-600028-001 PCMICA Ethernet Card #2
f370-3395 207-300037-002 Fan, 3.62 × 3.62 56
f370-3396 221-300154-001 Seagate Hawk 2XL Disk Drive
f370-3405 221-300165-002 Seagate Barracuda 4XL Disk Drive
f370-3443 145-103351-007 50-Pin HDSA Bkpl to Bkpl Cable
f370-3475 145-103477-003 CPU to Systech Adapter Cable
f370-3497 144-103003-005 TMI-FTM Ribbon Cable
f370-3498 144-103175-012 SH Right Angle Cable
f370-3500 145-103415-008 Dual DIN CPU to Bulkhead Cable
f370-3501 145-103416-030 PCU to Bulkhead Cable
f370-3502 145-103473-001 Fan FORMS IV Cable
f370-3503 145-103495-008 Bulkhead to Controller Cable
f370-3507 145-103549-001 FORMS IV Jumper Cable
f370-3537 145-103194-003 CPU to CPU Intc Intrt Cable
f370-3538 145-103266-002 CPU to CPU Cable
f370-3540 145-103431-008 CPU/Differential SCSI Cable
f370-3624 221-600033-001 PCMCIA Ethernet Board
f370-3663 145-103350-017 HDSA B/P 50-Pin Cable, 17'
f370-3699 None Assigned PCMCIA Global 56K Modem Board
f370-3717 145-103375-017 50-Pin HDSA Bkpl to Bkpl Cable
f370-3827 Not Assigned Emergency Power Off RS232 Y Cable
f370-3925 Not Assigned 4GB Disk Drive (requires Viper 501-5323)
f375-0019 160-113270-302 Replaced by f501-5065 (not released)
f375-0020 160-113285-001 Replaced by f501-5066 (not released)
f375-0021 160-113321-001 Replaced by f501-5067 (not released)
f375-0022 160-113351-001 Replaced by f501-5068 (not released)
f375-0023 160-113356-001 Replaced by f501-5069 (not released)
f375-0024 160-113373-001 Replaced by f501-5070 (not released)
f375-0025 160-113374-001 Replaced by f501-5071 (not released)
f375-0026 160-113407-001 Replaced by f501-5073 (not released)
f375-0027 160-113407-002 Replaced by f501-5074 (not released)
f375-0028 160-113434-001 Replaced by f501-5076 (not released)
f375-0029 160-113410-002 Replaced by f501-5075 (not released)
f375-0030 280-113357-001 VME Quad BMC Trans
f375-0031 280-113382-001 PCI Forms (not released)
f375-0038 280-300006-101 9U VME SCSI-2 4440
f375-0044 280-300011-004 SCSI Expander #4 1
f375-0048 280-300023-001 PCMICA FAX Modem (not released)
f375-0049 280-300024-001 PCMICA Bus Ethernet (not released)
f375-0050 280-500026-001 PCMICA FAX
f375-0051 160-113405-001 Replaced by f501-5072 (not released)
f375-0052 160-113270-202 Replaced by f501-5077 (not released)
f375-0053 160-113270-303 Replaced by f501-5078 (not released)
f375-0054 160-113286-001 Replaced by f501-5079 (not released)
f375-0055 160-113306-001 Replaced by f501-5080 (not released)
f375-0056 160-113343-001 Replaced by f501-5081 (not released)
f375-0057 160-113357-001 Replaced by f501-5082 (not released)
f375-0058 280-300006-102 9U Integrated SCSI
f375-0063 280-400006-001 9U 224 Watt DC-DC Converter, TMI
f375-0065 280-300006-104 9U Integrated SCSI-2 w RAID (not released) (no FRU #)
f375-0067 280-300006-103 9U Integrated SCSI-2 4440 w RAID
f501-5067 160-113321-001 Forms IV TMI (obsolete)
f501-5068 160-113351-001 SM FTM Fiber Trans
f501-5070 160-113373-001 88110 CPU 32P
f501-5071 160-113374-001 Diode or Switch Board (not released)
f501-5072 160-113405-001 RAID 5 Accelerator (not released)
f501-5073 160-113407-001 ESCON Transition Module
f501-5075 160-113410-002 Dual ESCON
f501-5076 160-113434-001 6U MC-IV Arb/Term (obsolete)
f501-5078 160-113270-303 50MHz Viper Adapter #2
f501-5285 None Assigned Longline FORMS IV TMI
f501-5323 None Assigned 0MB Viper Adapter
f530-2592 145-103192-004 RMS Internal Cable
f530-2593 145-103350-014 14' 50-Pin HDSA Cable
f530-2595 145-103386-012 Internal BMC Cable
f530-2596 145-103396-008 8' 80-Pin BMC Cable
f530-2599 258-800027-008 Coaxial 50-Ohm 8' Cable
f530-2600 258-800027-012 Coaxial 50-Ohm 12' Cable
f530-2601 258-800050-450 Coaxial 500-Ohm 8' Cable
f530-2602 258-800051-014 14' RJ-11 4W Cable
f530-2603 145-103191-024 SH-RMS Y Cable #1
f530-2604 145-103191-042 SH-RMS Y Cable #2
f530-2605 145-103192-002 RMS Internal Cable
f530-2606 145-103375-015 HDSA 50-Pin BP Cable
f530-2607 145-103526-001 UPSY HAR 5 Cable
f530-2608 145-103528-010 30-50 AMP Cable
f530-2609 145-103535-008 SCSI Target #1 Cable, 2.4M, F-M
f530-2610 145-103552-001 SCSI Target #2 Cable, 3.2M, F-M-M-M-M
f530-2611 145-103555-001 SCSI Target #3 Cable, 2.7M, F-M-M
f530-2612 245-100022-001 STE EXT/MD68 To MD68 Cable
f530-2613 245-100023-001 STE EXT/MC68 To MD68 Cable
f530-2614 258-800050-010 10M Bus and Tag Cable
f530-2615 258-800050-020 20M Bus and Tag Cable
f530-2616 258-800050-030 30M Bus and Tag Cable
f530-2617 258-800053-002 13M ESCON Cable
f530-2618 258-800053-003 31M ESCON Cable
f530-2619 258-800055-001 UPS 50 Amp to Y L6-30R Power Cord
f530-2620 258-800063-001 Power Cord Assembly
f530-2667 258-800027-012 Coaxial 50-Ohm 3' Cable
f540-3664 105-103889-001 AC Power Distribution Unit Unit (replaced by 540-4013)
f540-3665 107-103848-001 Blower Assembly
f540-3666 107-103864-001 Option 9652 Disk Array Chassis
f540-3668 107-103865-009 9GB Disk Drive Module
f540-3669 278-100021-001 68-Pin SCSI-3 Terminator
f540-3670 278-400003-001 Linear Actuator
f540-3688 278-100023-001 Differential CKTM/FEM Internal
f540-3689 278-100025-068 External Shielded SCSI Data Cable
f540-3702 107-103899-001 Replaced by 540-3808 (not released)
f540-3720 None Assigned 9.1GB 7200 RPM Disk Drive Assembly
f540-3721 None Assigned 18.2GB 7200 RPM Disk Drive Assembly
f540-3754 107-103922-002 Tall SCSI Expander Fan Assembly
f540-3755 107-103936-001 12V, 212 CFM Fan
f540-3762 107-103888-001 TMI Fan Chassis Subassembly
f540-3808 107-103899-001 Power Dist for Redundant Blower
f540-3841 None Assigned Option 9656 Disk Array Chassis
f540-3837 118-113128-002 9U VME RAID Accelerator
f540-4013 None Assigned AC Power Distribution Unit (replaced 540-3664)
f565-1463 118-113081-013 EMC 512MB #2
f565-1469 118-113406-002 Quad BMC w/o Checksum
f565-1472 118-513014-100 Trogon Notebook Kit
f565-1510 118-513014-100 Toshiba Notebook Kit
f791-1519 118-513014-100 System Recovery Disk (f370-3405 + sw)
805-4631 302-007840-500 A7000 Operations Guide
805-4632 306-007840-100 A7000 Installation Guide
805-6489 None Assigned A7000 Service Manual
805-4901 None Assigned A7000 ROM Monitor

1 Do not mix 375-0041, 375-0042, 375-0043, and 375-0044.


  1. This is only a list of parts that were assigned FRU part numbers.
  2. Some A7000 parts are compatible with the older Encore products.
  3. A parts compatibility matrix is available from service logistics.
  4. Parts described as (not released) have not been engineering released to Rev 50.
  5. Parts described as (no FRU #) have not been assigned a FRU part number.

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