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Sun StorEdge[tm] A3500FC Array: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the A3500FC Controller Module. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Sun StorEdge A3500/A3500FC Controller Module Guide, Chapters 5-8

The table below provides the page numbers that each procedure begins on.

Section/Page Number
Controller Module

When replacing the controller module in an A3x00, there are software steps that must be performed. For information about these necessary steps, please refer to the

Sun StorEdge A3x00 Controller FRU Replacement Guide (805-7854)

Sun StorEdge D1000 Components
  • Replacement Hitachi disk drives with PQ08 firmware in A1000/A3x00 arrays may disappear after "sysReboot" and "dstDevs" commands are issued (FIN I1076-1).
  • Arrays using Raid Manager 6.xx may hang for more than 3 minutes when they contain a failed Hitachi drive (FIN I1065-1).
  • Sun StorEdge A1000/A3x00/A3500FC Arrays with RAID Manager 6 (RM6) may hang for up to 8 minutes when they contain more than one failed IBM disk drive (I0845-1 ).
  • Adding new disk drives to StorEdge A1000/A3x00 arrays must be done properly to avoid loss of LUNs (FIN I0782-1)
Mounting Rails
SCSI Cables
  • After performing A3500 SCSI to FC upgrade Product ID displayed via a 'Module Profile' still indicated SCSI controller. (FIN I0590-1 )
  • The firmware download procedure documented in the A3x00 Controller Replacement Guide pn 805-7854-11 is incomplete and miss
    es some critical instructions. (FIN I0553-1 )
  • Boot process and controller on-line process may take hours in systems with large StorEdge A3000, A3500 or A1000 configs. (FIN I0551-1 )
Disk Drive
  • Improved firmware for Seagate 10K.6 disk drives will reduce the incidence of unexpected outages due to a spindle motor issue (FIN I1136-1).
Memory SIMM
Controller Card Cage
Power Cord  
Power Supply  
Battery Unit
  • Any Battery Backup Unit over two years old may not have enough energy to hold data (FCO A0165-1 )
DC Power Harness  
Power Supply Housing  
Battery Harness  
Controller Fan
Power Supply Fan


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