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Sun StorEdge A3500FC : Archived FINs and FCOs

Implementation (Impl.):
M = Mandatory (Fully Pro-Active)

C = Controlled Pro-Active (per Sun Geo Plan)

U = Upon Failure
R = Reactive (As Required)

FAB Implementation Synopsis Last Modified Date
A0182-2 U Systems with 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rate. Feb 07 2005
A0165-1 C Any Battery Backup Unit over two years old may not have enough energy to hold data in the RSM2000 or A3000 controller's Write-Back Cache for 72 hours in the event of a power outage. Jun 19 2000
A0164-1 C Systems with FC100/P cards (QL2100 PCI FC-AL HBA) having Molex optical transceivers, may cause increasing numbers of loop errors, excessive LIPs, and SCSI parity errors as they age. May 12 2000
A0162-1 C StorEdge A1000 and D1000 (Dilbert) power supplies fail with amber LED. Mar 09 2000
I0886-1 R StorEdge A1000, A3x00 or A3500FC LUNs running under volume manager software may cause upper level applications to timeout when too many I/O error retries occur. 2002-10-07
I0865-1 R Physical device paths for disks in StorEdge A1000/A3x00/A3500FC arrays are incorrectly included in the output of 'format' 2002-08-27
I0845-1 R RAID Manager 6 may hang for 3-8 minutes when an IBM drive is in the failed state in a StorEdge A1000/A3x00/A3500FC Array 2002-06-25
I0782-1 R Adding new disk drives to StorEdge A1000/A3x00 arrays must be done properly to avoid loss of LUNs 2002-03-01
I0777-1 R In some configurations, after a FC loop disruption the SOC+ HBA intermittently takes the FC loop down 2002-02-25
I0736-1 R Current replacement procedures for an A3500FC controller in a clustered environment could result in controller going off line. 2001-10-26
I0727-1 R Recovering A1000/A3x00 controller C numbers after a device path changed due to reboot -r 2001-10-29
I0712-1 R Finisar GBIC problems on the storage array products 2001-08-29
I0711-1 R The problem with Incorrectly mounted brackets on the switch 2001-10-10
I0704-1 R Field handling procedure on non-Sun supported GBICs 2001-09-18
I0700-1 R FC Switch f/w level must be checked to install or replace StorEdge Network FC Switch into a SAN Config. 2001-07-27
I0670-1 R D1000 ESM board replacement procedure on A3x00/A3500FC 2001-06-15
I0637-1 C A3500 controller and D1000 trays 2001-01-25
I0634-1 R StorEdge A3x00 Array controller failover 2000-11-30
I0594-1 R Some StorEdge A3500 product shipped with the StorEdge A3000 name tag leading customers to believe the wrong product was delivered. 2000-09-08
I0551-1 R Boot process and controller on-line process may take hours in systems with large StorEdge A3000, A3500 or A1000 configs 2002-10-31
I0509-1 C Raid Manager large rdriver.conf files need a patch to prevent panic. 2004-01-07
I0505-2 R UPDATED FIN. A3x00/A1000 RAID 0 LUN recovery requires stopping I/O to the LUN. 1999-08-10
I0473-1 R Solaris 7 upgrade recommendations for StorEdge A3x00/A1000. 2004-01-07
I0447-1 C SEVM2.5 patch 105463-05 may cause storage devices to disappear from system. 2004-01-07
I0440-1 C RM6.1.1 with StorEdge A1000, A3000 or A3500 may experience status check problems. 2004-01-07
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