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Sun StorEdge 6130 Array : Sun Alerts

Sun Alert Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1019331.1 238545 Controller Firmware for SE6130, ST6140 and ST6540 on Solaris may not Failover Array LUNs 2011-02-17
1019006.1 231802 Collecting Support Data Using Common Array Manager while Drives are Bypassed May Cause Controllers to Reboot 2011-02-17
1019002.1 231741 Collecting Support Data On Certain Arrays May Cause One or Both Array Controllers to Reboot 2011-02-25
1018999.1 231701 Disk Drive Off Lines and Fail modes Without Recent Firmware Updates 2011-02-17
1017338.1 228392 Sun StorageTek 6000 Arrays May Report "Trays Not Grouped by Type" Message 2011-02-25
1000797.1 201075 "Support Data Collection" Procedure on Certain Sun StorEdge and Sun StorageTek Arrays May Cause SATA Drive Failures 2011-02-25
1000732.1 200971 A Limited Number of Sun StorEdge 6130 Arrays May be Vulnerable to Unauthorized Access 2011-02-24
1000690.1 200903 Unmapping a Volume or Snapshot on a Sun StorEdge 6130 Array May Cause One of The Array Controllers to Reset 2011-03-04
1000651.1 200861 Sun StorageTek 6130/6140/6540 and Sun StorageTek Flexline 240/280/380 Arrays May Experience Loss of Network Access From Management Host 2010-12-21
1000556.1 200702 Insertion or Removal of a RAID Controller on Sun StorEdge 5310 or 6130 Array May Cause the Alternate Controller to Reboot 2011-03-01
1000373.1 200495 Vdisk Failure on a Sun StorEdge 6130 May Cause All the Volumes on the Same Controller to Become Inaccessible 2011-03-04
1000356.1 200478 Certain sscs(1M) Commands, Array/StorEdge 3900SL CLI Commands, or Certain StorEdge 3900SL/6320/6130 GUI Actions May Cause Loss of Connectivity to a Host(s) 2011-02-25
1000338.1 200458 LAN Congestion may Result in Dual Controller Reboot on a Sun StorEdge 6130 Array 2011-02-25
1000043.1 200057 Changing the Array Volume-to-LUN Mappings May Cause Array Controllers to Initiate a Boot-Loop 2011-02-22
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