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Sun StorEdge[tm] 6130 Array: Repair Procedures

This section provides tips for the most common repair procedures for the Sun StorEdge 6130 Array. Sun StorEdge 6130 Array documentation can be found here.

Sun StorEdge 6130 Array Documentation

Array Controller
  • The Ethernet port on the StorageTek 25x0/61x0/6540 controllers may not work properly while attached to an Ethernet Switch port with auto-negotiation disabled. (FAB 1000790.1).
Disk Drive
  • Seagate Cheetah 7 146GB FC-AL and 73 GB FC-AL disk drives may experience higher than expected failure rates due to spindle motor failure (FCO A0256-1).
  • Data In Place Migration Process for Sun StorageTek 6000 and Flexline Arrays.(FAB 1000140.1).
  • Disk arrays running firmware versions 6.60 and 7.10 cannot send automated alerts through SDP to the Sun Storage TSC. (FAB 1019312.1).
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