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Product Code Names

Also see Glossary of Terms


SMP version of Libra
(originally named Sun Blade 8520A, now part of Sun Fire X4800)
Code Name Product(s)
4Course 4 x 1.05GByte 3.5" SCSI-2 disks in Dinnerbox+ package
4-course see 4Course
A11 Ultra 1 Models 140 and 170 (Neutron) - Family part number
A12 Ultra 1 Models 140E, 170E, and 200E (Electron) - Family part number
A14 Ultra 2 (Pulsar) - Family part number
A14 Andromeda 14
A16 Ultra 30 (Quark) - Family part number
A17 Enterprise 3000 (Duraflame) - Family part number
A18 Enterprise 4000 (Campfire) - Family part number
A19 Andromeda 19
A20 Ultra 450 Workstation (Tazmo) - Family part number
A21 Ultra 5 (Darwin/Otter) - Family part number
A22 Ultra 10 (Darwin/Sea Lion) - Family part number
A23 Ultra 60 (Deuterium) - Family part number
A24 S24
24-bit frame buffer for SS5
A25 Enterprise 450 Workgroup Server (Tazmax) - Family part number
A26 Enterprise 250 (Javelin) - Family part number
A27 Ultra 80 (Quasar) - Family part number
A28 Sun Blade 1000 (Excalibur) - Family part number
A29 Sun Blade 2000 - Family part number
A30 Sun Fire V880 (Daktari) - Family part number
A31 SunTCF (Technical Compute Farm) (Animal Farm) - Family part number
A33 Enterprise 420R (Quahog) - Family part number
A34 Enterprise 220R (Razor) - Family part number
A35 Sun Fire 280R (Littleneck) - Family part number
A36 Sun Blade 100 (Grover) - Family part number
A37 Sun Fire V480 (Cherrystone) - Family part number
A39 Sun Blade 2500 (Enchilada) - Family part number
A40 Sun Fire V1280 (Lightweight 8) - Family part number
A41 Sun Blade 150 (Grover+) - Family part number
A42 Sun Fire V440 (Chalupa) - Family part number
A43 Sun Blade 1500 (Taco) - Family part number
A44 Sun Fire B1600 / Sun Fire B100s (Stiletto) - Family part number
A47 Sun Fire V880z (Nandi) - Family part number
A48 Sun Fire V60x and V65x (Grizzly) - Family part number
A4F+ see Mira
A50 Sun Fire V250 (Enchilada 2P Tower) - Family part number
A51 Sun Fire V60x Compute Grid Rack System (Kurent) - Family part number
A52 Sun Fire V490 (Sebring) - Family part number
A53 Sun Fire V890 (Silverstone) - Family part number
A55 Sun Fire V20z (Stinger2P) - Family part number
A57 Sun Fire V40z (Stinger4P) - Family part number
A58 Sun Java Workstation W1100z (Metropolis1P) - Family part number
A59 Sun Java Workstation W2100z (Metropolis2P) - Family part number
A60 Ultra 3 (UltraSPARC IIi 550-650MHz, or IIIi 1.2GHz) - Family part number
A61 Ultra 3 (UltraSPARC IIi or IIIi 1.28GHz) - Family part number
A63 Ultra 20 (Marrakesh) - Family part number
A64 Sun Fire X4100 (Galaxy 1U) - Family part number
A65 Sun Fire X4200 (Galaxy 2U) - Family part number
A67 Sun Fire X4600 (Galaxy 4U) - Family part number
A70 Sun Ultra 45 (Chicago) - Family part number
A71 Sun Ultra 40 (Sirius) - Family part number
A72 Sun Fire X4100E (Galaxy 1E) - Family part number
A73 Sun Fire X4200E (Galaxy 2E) - Family part number
A75 Sun Fire X2100 (Aquarius) - Family part number
A76 Sun Fire X4500 (Thumper) - Family part number
A77 Sun Fire V445 (Boston) - Family part number
A81 Sun Blade 8000 (Andromeda Chassis) - Family part number
A82 Sun Blade 8000 P (Andromeda 14) - Family part number
A83 Ultra 40 M2 (Stuttgart) - Family part number
A84 Sun Fire X2100 M2 (Leo) - Family part number
A85 Sun Fire X2200 M2 (Taurus) - Family part number
A86 Sun Fire X4100 M2 (Galaxy 1F) - Family part number
A87 Sun Fire X4200 M2 (Galaxy 2F) - Family part number
A88 Ultra 20 M2 (Munich) - Family part number
A89 Ultra 25 (South Side) - Family part number
A90 Sun Blade 6000 (Constellation 10) - Family part number
A91 Sun Fire X4950 (StreamSwitch 2) - Family part number
A92 Sun Blade X6220 (Gemini) - Family part number
A93 Sun Blade X6250 (Wolf) - Family part number
A94 Sun Blade T6300 (St. Paul) - Family part number
A95 Sun Blade T6320 (Glendale) - Family part number
A98 Sun Blade X8440 (Mira) - Family part number
AFB Elite3d
High performance graphics/FFB board
Alamo StorageTek J4200
2U 12-Drive JBOD Storage Array
Alcatel 16 link PC0200 SS7 PCI card
Allendale Intel Core2 dual-core processor (2MB L2, Socket T)
Allouette XGL
Alonso Netra CP3220
Next generation ATCA blades
also called Andretti 2
Alpine Sun Cobalt RaQ 550
Amazon 2 Sun Fire E2900 (E29)
Follow-on to V1280 with US IV
Amazon 4 Sun Fire E4900 (E49)
Follow-on to Sun Fire 4800 with US IV
Amazon 6 Sun Fire E6900
Follow-on to Sun Fire 6800 with US IV
Amazon 7 Sun Fire E7900
cluster server with two E6900 and Wildcat interconnect
Amazon 20 Sun Fire E20K
Follow-on to Sun Fire 12K with US IV
Amazon 25 Sun Fire E25K
Follow-on to Sun Fire 15K with US IV
Amber PCI single FC-AL host adapter
Amber2 2GB PCI single FC host adapter
Amber-2R Single-port Rainbow
Amber Road project to build an NAS appliance based on standard Sun components
More recently named ZFS Storage Appliance
also referred to as Unified Storage
Amber Road 1.0 A Sun Storage 7110
NAS Standalone X4200 and FishWorks Appliance Software
also called Iwashi
Amber Road 1.0 B Sun Storage 7210
NAS Standalone X4500 and FishWorks Appliance Software
also called Fugu
Amber Road 1.0 C Sun Storage 7410
NAS X4200/X4600 and X4500 JBOD and FishWorks Appliance Software
also called Toro
Amber Road 1.0 D Sun ZFS Storage 7420
NAS X4600 and X4500 JBOD and FishWorks Appliance Software
also called OToro
Amber Road Anago Sun ZFS Storage 7720
NAS X4470 and FishWorks Appliance Software
with Genesis subsystem
also called simply Anago
Amber Road Maguro Sun Storage 7310
X4140 and J4400 JBOD and FishWorks Appliance Software
also called simply Maguro
Anago Sun ZFS Storage 7720
see Amber Road Anago
Andretti Netra CP3020
Netra ATCA x64 Opteron Blade
Andretti 2 see Alonso
Andromeda Sun Ray 1 (380-0299-06)
Andromeda Sun Blade X8400
4S Opteron Blade
Andromeda Chassis Sun Blade 8000 (A81)
Opteron Blade Chassis
19RU w/ up to ten 4S blades
(also called Andromeda 19 and A19)
Andromeda 14 Sun Blade 8000 P (A82)
Opteron Blade Chassis
14RU - holds 10 blades, 2 monitoring modules, 2 networking modules
(also called A14)
Animal Farm SunTCF (Technical Compute Farm) (A31)
Ansel PhotoCD
Antares Sun Blade X8600 M2 Server Module
A6F Blade for Andromeda
APL Advanced Product Line
New line of products from Sun/Fujitsu partnership
consists of OPL and LE (Low End) product lines
Apollo OC48 Packet Over SONET Adapter
Aquarius Sun Fire X2100 (A75)
Single CPU Rack Optimized Server
(NSG x64 server family)
Argo Netra X4450 (NX445)
NEBS version of Tucani
4RU, Intel Xeon quad-core, AC and DC versions
chassis design shared with Congo
Aries Netra X4250 (NX425)
Dual-Socket NEBS 2U Rack Server
Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor
Arirang 24.1-inch AM-TFT-LCD Monitor
Arthur workstation, 4-way UltraSPARC IIIi
became Chalupa
Aspen 19-inch LCD monitor
Aspen SunFire 50 - web caching appliance
ATCA Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture
Athens AMD Opteron single-core processor, DDR
800-series, 90nm, E4 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Atlantis CD-ROM for Lunchbox
Atlas PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet cards utilizing Neptune ASIC
see Atlas 1 and Atlas 2
Atlas 1 PCI Express Low-Profile Dual 10Gb Ethernet Fiber XFP
Atlas 2 PCI Express Low-Profile Quad Gigabit Ethernet UTP
Audi StorEdge 5210NAS
Audi 2 see Mustang
Aura Flash Accelerator F20
PCI card with SSD Flash modules, 48GB or 96GB
(mini version of Mongo Flash array)
see FlashFire
Aurigi Netra X4270 Server
Lynx motherboard in Aries chassis
AC and DC versions
Aurora SPARCstation 5 (SS5)
Avalanche Netra st A1000 - Telco RAID Dilbert
Netra st D1000 - Telco JBOD Dilbert
Avalon Single Ended Ultra/Wide PCI SCSI
Axon Sun Ray 270
Sun Ray 170 follow-on
B12 Sun Fire X4140 (Dorado 1U) - Family part number
B13 Sun Fire X4150 (Doradi) - Family part number
B14 Sun Fire X4240 (Dorado 2U) - Family part number
B15 Sun Fire X4450 (Tucani) - Family part number
B16 Sun Fire X4440 (Tucana) - Family part number
B18 Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module (Vela) - Family part number
B19 Sun Blade Storage Module M2 (Vela2) - Family part number
B21 Sun Ultra 24 (Ursa) - Family part number
B22 Sun Blade 6048 (Constellation 48) - Family part number
B24 Sun Fire X4540 (Thor) - Family part number
B27 Sun Ultra 27 (Volans) - Family part number
Bali JavaEngine 1 (SME)
Bantam SBus FDDI 1.0, 2.0
Banyan 24-inch LCD monitor
Barcelona AMD Opteron quad-core processor
2300/8300-series, 65nm, B3 Stepping, Socket F
Barney StorEdge T3 chassis
Batman ATM (OC-12/OC12) SBus card at ~622Mbps
SunATM 2.0
(uses SAHI-3 chip)
Batoka SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server (SEV)
4-socket Victoria Falls in Galaxy 4U enclosure
Batphone SBus card for ISDN
(SunISDN-BRI/SBI Expansion Kit)
Bay Window Sun Ray 1g
Sun Ray 1+
Beehive A51-BA
compute grid rack system based on Stinger2P
Beetle SunRay 100
17-inch CRT display + built-in SunRay 1
Bellerophon SunPCi III
Bellerophon Pro SunPCi IIIpro
Beret StorageTek J4300
JBOD 2U 24 Drive 3Gb SAS
Beryl Sun Ray Laptop - Japan only
Bierstadt VTL Enterprise
Virtual Tape Library for Enterprise class market
Big Bear see Cobalt Big Bear
Big Bear 2 Solaris 9 12/02 x86 OS
preinstalled on Sun LX50
Bigfish StorEdge 9900 Series
SE9910, SE9960
see HDS
Bigmac 100Mbit Ethernet SBus card/chip (X1056A)
Birdsnest Lite Netra AX1105
Black Box Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD)
data center in a shipping container
    S20 = eight 19-inch 40RU racks, 78.1cm depth
    D20 = seven racks (four are 78.1cm, three are 115cm)
Blackbeard PCI SCSI hardware RAID Controller
Blackbird UltraSPARC II
(250MHz, 333/336MHz, 360MHz)
Blackbird+ UltraSPARC II
250MHz (501-4857)
Blackjack Netra E1 PCI System Expander
Blacklight StorEdge 9900 Series
SE9970, SE9980
see HDS
Blake StorEdge C4 Tape Library
Blaze UltraSPARC II (400-480MHz)
Blue Moon Infiniband-based Blade Server
Blueringer 4MB SBus Token Ring (TRI/S)
Blueringer II 16MB SBus Token Ring (TRI/S)
Borealis cPCI Sun Quad FastEthernet
Bosenova (obsolete) see Supernova
Boston Sun Fire V445 (A77)
4RU rack Chalupa server
with UltraSPARC IIIi processor and Fire ASIC
Bouton Sun Ray 2
low-end follow-on to Sun Ray 1g
Braun JavaStation
BreadboxA enclosure for Dublin and Netra NFS
Broadway broadcast audio/video server/storage
(StorEdge Media Central)
Brocade Dazzler Brocade SilkWorm 3250 (8-Port Switch)
Brocade SilkWorm 3850 (16-Port Switch)
Brocade Elara Brocade 8000 (32-Port FCoE Switch)
Brocade Meteor Brocade SilkWorm 24000 (128-Port Switch)
Brocade 300 Tomahawk Brocade 24-port auto-sensing 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB FC Switch
Brocade 5100 Spirit Brocade 49-port auto-sensing 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB FC Switch
Brocade 5300 Thor Brocade 80-port auto-sensing 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB FC Switch
Bubble Sun Ray 100 (Beetle) cost reduction
Bullfrog 4mm DAT with stacker
Bullwinkle SCSI Expansion Pedestal
C10 see Constellation 10
C10-M2 Sun Blade 6000 Modular System
updated components in Constellation 10
may be referred to as Sun Blade 6000 M2
C4 Sun Blade 4000
5U 4-slot Constellation chassis, non-SMP
(originally named Sun Blade 6004)
(see G5 for SMP version)
C48 see Constellation 48
Calais Next generation JavaStation Hummingbird microprocessor
Calisto see Callisto
Callisto 22-inch multisync flat CRT monitor
Callisto Sun Fire X4470
3RU Intel-based x64 rackmount server
(see G3)
Callisto+ Sun Fire X4470 M2
follow-on to Callisto w/Westmere-EX CPU
Calvin SPARCstation 2 (Sun-4/75)
Camelot product family name for Arthur, Excalibur, Morgan
Campfire Ultra Enterprise 4000 (E4000)
Ultra Enterprise 5000 (E5000)
Campfire+ Ultra Enterprise 4500 (E4500)
Ultra Enterprise 5500 (E5500)
Campus SPARCstation 1 (Sun-4/60)
Campus+ SPARCstation 1+ (Sun-4/65)
Campus2 SPARCstation 10 (SS10)
Campus2+ SPARCstation 10SX (SS10SX)
SPARCstation 10BSX (SS10BSX)
Canis 2U AMD-based x64 rackmount server
Capella Sun Blade X8420
Andromeda Blade with Rev F Opteron CPU
Carmel StorEdge D2 Array
Carrera CPU card (3100) used in
Sun-3/140, 3/150, 3/160, 3/180
Casablanca Optimized 2P Opteron-based Desktop
follow-on to Metropolis 2P
Casanova SPARCengine CP1400 (SME)
Cascade Solaris-based NT server software
Solaris PC NetLink
Cassini PCI Fiber/Copper GEM cards
GigaSwift Ethernet
Cassini GCC GigaSwift Ethernet 1.0 UTP
Cassini Kuheen GigaSwift Ethernet 1.0 MMF
Catwoman ATM SBus card at 155Mbps
SunATM 1.0
(OC-3/OC3; uses SAHI-2 chip)
Cauldron Dual Fast Ethernet and Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
Cauldron-S Dual Gigabit Ethernet and Dual SCSI PCI Adapter
Cedar 19-inch flat CRT monitor
Centaurus 4-DIMM CPU board supporting AMD Opteron 8000 Series Rev. F dual-core processors
see Helix and Vortex
Century 21-inch Color CRT
Hurricane replacement
CGBU Oracle's Communications Global Business Unit
Chalupa Sun Fire V440 (A42)
4-way rack-tower/workgroup server
Chalupa+ Sun Fire V440+
speed bump release - 1400MHz and 1600MHz
Chalupa 19 Netra 440 (N42)
4-way 5U NEBS server - 19" rack
Chalupa 19 AC Netra 440 (AC version)
see Chalupa 19
Cheerio ASIC for 10Mb/100Mb Ethernet and PCI Bus
Cheetah (obsolete) 1.3GB IPI Tray in 690MP Rack
Cheetah UltraSPARC III (500-600MHz, 750MHz, 900MHz)
Cheetah+ UltraSPARC III Cu (750MHz, 900MHz, 1015MHz, 1050MHz, 1056MHz)
Cheetah++ UltraSPARC III++ (1050MHz, 1200MHz)
Cherrystone Sun Fire V480
4-way workgroup server/rack; UltraSPARC III
Chief Sun Ray 1 cost reduction
Chicago Sun Ultra 45 Workstation (A70)
next generation SPARC workstation
follow-on to Taco+ and Enchilada+
Chimera SunPCi II
Chinook SPARC Constellation blade using Jupiter CPU
Chromis 1 Nauticus 2040 and 2040V
Chromis 2 Nauticus 2120 and 2120V
Chrysalis Client skinny Solaris-x86 OS for Intel-based NC
Clovertown Intel Xeon 5300-Series Quad-Core processor (2 x 2-core)
(8MB L2)
CMT Chip MultiThreading technology
Cobalt Big Bear Sun LX50
dual-CPU Linux-based system
Cobra Sun 4100
Cobra 8-port FC-AL switch
Colorado 150MHz hyperSPARC
Colorado II 125MHz hyperSPARC
Colorado III 150MHz hyperSPARC
Colossus SunSwift SBus
Columbia 4-Disk 1.3GB IPI Elite disk tray in Sun-4/490
Combo SPARCstorage MultiPack
SPARCstorage MultiPack 2
Comet Sun Fire X4370 M2
4U rack-mounted high-availability storage server
formerly T4
Concord 2U rackmount x64 server w/Intel Sandybridge CPU
Condor 900MByte SMD disk drive
Congo Netra T5440 (NT544)
4RU Netra rack server, Victoria Falls 8-core, AC and DC versions
based on Maramba motherboard
chassis design shared with Argo
Conroe Intel Core2 dual-core processor (4MB L2, Socket T)
Constellation Sun Blade 6000 (C10) and Sun Blade 6048 (C48)
Constellation 10 Sun Blade 6000 (A90)
10U Blade chassis
uses Gemini Blade 2S and
AMD Opteron 200 Series Rev F dual core processors
also called C10
Constellation 48 Sun Blade 6048 (B22)
48-slot blade system
4 integrated hybrid shelves - 12 Constellation blades capacity/shelf followup to Constellation 10
also called C48
CoolThreads Trademarked name for Niagara and Niagara 2 processor technology
Cornbread Netra NFS server
Corona SunRay 1
Corona 19-inch Premium monitor
Sony P4
replaced by Sunflower
Cougar PCI-E 8-Channel SAS RAID HBA for Internal I/O
Cougar 2500 Sun Fire B10p
Networking Blade Product (SSL Proxy Server)
Cougar 5000 Sun Fire B15p
Networking Blade Product (SSL Proxy Server)
Coyote Netra st D130
Low-Profile (1U) hot-swap/Storage/2x18GB
Coyote Sun Blade RAID Expansion Module Adapter
REM 8-Channel SAS RAID HBA for C10 and C48
Crane CG9
24-bit 9U-sized color frame buffer used in GXP
Crescendo second DOE ("Solaris/Workshop for Objects") product
see Prelude
Crichton SPARCengine Ultra AXmp (SME)
Crimson StorageTek SL3000
mid-range automated tape library
Crypto see Mercury
Crystal dual channel FC PCI card
Crystal+ dual channel FC PCI card
Crystal-2A 2GB PCI dual FC network adapter
Crystal-2R Dual-port Rainbow
Cuba Netra S220
Curley originally IPC/IPX version of Sunergy
became LX/Classic I/O board
Cyclone StorEdge L5500 Tape Library
Cypress 19-inch LCD Monitor
D20 see Black Box
Dagger Dual Width Gemini-based Blade Server
Dagwood see Togo
Daktari Sun Fire V880
Ultrasparc III workgroup server
Darwin PCI-based Ultra workstations (U5/U10)
see Otter and Sea Lion
Darwin_Walrus faster CPU (333MHz) PCI/Ultra workstation (U10+)
Datura Netra X4170
1RU rackmount server with Intel Nehalem CPU
Decaf 14-inch color CRT with HD15
Deimos Crypto Accelerator 1000
Delorean 72" StorEdge Expansion Cabinet
Delorian see Delorean
Dendrite Sun Ray 2 FS
high-end follow-on to Sun Ray 1g
Denmark AMD Opteron dual-core processor, DDR
100-series, 90nm, E6 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Deuterium Ultra 60 (A23)
DEXEC Diagnostic Executive
DhakaZulu Sun Fire Visual Grid Systems
uses Zulu boards
Dhole 10GbE XAUI Pass-Thru Fabric Expansion Module
FEM for Glendale
Diamond cPCI FC dual port adapter
Digimon 18-inch Flat Panel Display
Dilbert SCSI-2 HW RAID-5 Storage
StorEdge A1000
StorEdge D1000
Dingo Pass-Thru PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM) for Hercules and Wolf
required for Hydra NEM support
Dinnerbox 5 1/4" Full Height Lunchbox
Dione PCI-X 8-Channel LP SAS Host Bus Adapter
Discovery 1.3GB SCSI disk in Sun-4/470
DOE Distributed Objects Everywhere
announced as Solaris NEO
Dolphin-Lx StorEdge 2GB PCI FC HBA / Linux x86
Amber2 and Crystal-2A support for Linux x86
Dolphin MX Amber2 and Crystal-2A support for Windows and Linux
Doradi Sun Fire X4150 (B13)
next-generation x64 server
1U, Intel Xeon, 2-way multi-core
(see Tucani)
Doradi 2U Sun Fire X4250 (X425)
2U Intel version of Sun Fire X4240
(see Dorado)
Dorado Sun Fire X4140 (1U) (B12)
Sun Fire X4240 (2U) (B14)
next-generation x64 server, AMD Opteron
(see Tucana)
Doraji 24.1-inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor
Dover next generation Javastation
Draco Netra X4200 M2 (N87) (see Galaxy2)
Netra x64-based NEBS-certified entry server
Dragon SPARCserver 2000 (SC2000)
SPARCserver 2000PDB
Dragon+ SPARCcenter 2000E (SC2000E)
SPARCcenter 2000PDB
DTa x64 servers with AMD CPUs
Dorado and Tucana
DTi x64 servers with Intel CPUs
Doradi and Tucani
Dublin Ultra Enterprise E150
Dunnington Intel Xeon 7400-Series single-die processor with four or six cores
(9MB L2 and 12/16MB L3)
Duracell PDB 1.2 on Ultra Enterprise 2
Duraflame Ultra Enterprise 3000 (E3000)
Duraflame+ Ultra Enterprise 3500 (E3500)
E19 AC Netra 240 (AC version)
(see Enchilada 19)
E20K Sun Fire E20K (Amazon E20) - Family part number
E25K Sun Fire E25K (Amazon E25) - Family part number
E29 Sun Fire E2900 (Amazon 2) - Family part number
E49 Sun Fire E4900 (Amazon 4) - Family part number
Eagle (obsolete) UltraSPARC IIep
Eagle IB-HCA Dual Port 4x DDR PCI-E, Low Profile
see Mirage
EgretA SBus 24-bit 3D color frame buffer
GS CG12 (370-1329)
EgretB SBus 24-bit 3D color frame buffer
GS CG12 (370-1370)
EgretC SBus 24-bit 3D color frame buffer
GS CG12 (370-1551, 370-1407)
Egypt AMD Opteron dual-core processor, DDR
800-series, 90nm, E1/E6 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Einstein Ultra 5 360/440; Ultra 10 440/480
El Gato StorEdge C2 Tape Autoloader
El Paso Sun Fire V125
Low Cost version of Enchilada 1U
ElaraFC Combo GbE / 4Gb FC ExpressModule
HBA with two GbE ports and two 4Gb FC ports
Electron Ultra 1 Model 170E
UltraServer 1 Model 170E
Ultra 1 Creator Model 170
Ultra 1 Creator3D Model 170
Elite I Seagate ST41600N (1.3GB) SCSI and IPI
Elsie SPARCprinter EC (SPRN-EC)
Elwood 2U Chassis for Huron 2U, Maramba 2U, Dorado 2U, Tucana, Tucani
(see Jake)
Emerald cPCI Dual Differential Ultra SCSI
Enchilada Sun Blade 2500 (A39)
2-way multiprocessor UltraSPARC IIIi
Enchilada+ Sun Blade 2500 (Silver)
Enchilada speedbump (1.6GHz)
Enchilada 19 Netra 240 (N54)
NEBS variation of Sun Fire V240
Enchilada 1U Sun Fire V210 (N31)
single/dual CPU UltraSPARC IIIi
1U rack optimized
Enchilada 2U Sun Fire V240 (N32)
single/dual CPU UltraSPARC IIIi
2U rack optimized
Enchilada 2P Tower Sun Fire V250 (A50)
dual CPU UltraSPARC IIIi in Tower
Endian, Big CPUs left-to-right byte-order
Endian, Little CPUs right-to-left byte-order
(x86/Pentium/IA64, VAX/Alpha, MIPS)
Energizer SPARCserver 1000PDB (SS1000PDB)
SPARCcenter 2000PDB (SC2000PDB)
Erie Sun Fire T1000 (Family part # = T10)
Niagara-based high-density 1U Compute Server platform
Erie APL Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 (SEA)
Erie re-branded for Low End of APL product line
also known as LE1
Espresso Javastation JE
Europa Brocade 10-24 FCoE DCX Blade
Eveready E10000 dual AC power grid option
Everest GEM FC-AL PCI card
Everglades Netra 1290
replacement for Netra 1280
EX2-2 Exadata Database Machine X2-2
follow-on to Exadata V2
with eight 2-socket database servers
available in full-rack, half-rack, & quarter-rack configurations
EX2-8 Exadata Database Machine X2-8
follow-on to Exadata V2
with two 8-socket database servers
available only in full-rack configuration
Excalibur Sun Blade 1000 (A28)
2-way UltraSPARC III 600/750/900MHz
F1 see Formula 1
F-1 see Formula 1
Falcon StorageTek 5320 NAS
Fat Timba ST410800WD (9.0GB) Differential SCSI
FatTimba see Fat Timba
Ferrari cancelled project that pre-dated the 3/60 (3/F)
FFB Creator
Creator 3D
FFB2 Creator Series 2 / Rev 2
Creator 3D Series 2 / Rev 2
FFB2+ Creator Series 3 / Rev 3
Creator 3D Series 3 / Rev 3
FFB3 XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator
Fiesta group name for systems that use Jalapeno US IIIi processor
Fire ASIC chip to bridge J-Bus to PCI-Express I/O bus
Firetruck Sunfire / Campfire internal bus; Ultrasparc (UPA bus)
FishWorks hardware/software solution supporting storage-oriented workloads
Flame Infiniband Flash Storage Array
Flamingo first full-motion video card (VidIO); 9U-sized
Flapjack Netra t1 Model 105 (N06)
rack-mount 1U (1.75") server
Flapjack2 Netra T1 AC200/DC200 (N21)
rack-mount 1U (1.75") server
Flapjack2+ SunFire V120 (AC), Netra 120 (DC)
Flapjack-Lite Netra X1 (N19)
Flapjack-LiteCD500 Sun Fire V100 (N19)
Netra X1 with CD-ROM in Flapjack2 chassis
FlashFire Memory system using Flash Accelerator cards
up to 5TB total Flash memory
see Aura
Flipflop new 3.5 diskette drive
Flyweight Netra t1 Model 100 (N07)
Formula 1 Netra CT900 (N62)
Netra ATCA Chassis for Blades
PICMG 3.0 compliant
Formula One see Formula 1
Fourcourse see 4Course
Foxxy Dual 10GbE Fabric Expansion Module
Neptune-based FEM card
Freshchoice SunSwift PCI
Freshchoice Lite SunFastEthernet PCI
Fugu Sun Storage 7210
see Amber Road 1.0 B
Fullmoon single IP address cluster
Fusion family of desktop UltraSPARC/Spitfire systems
Fusion Graphics Spitfire CPU + UPA Bus + FFB
G3 Galaxy 3
internal name for Callisto
G5 Sun Fire X4800
SMP version of C4
(originally named Sun Blade X4670)
(supports G5 Blade)
G5+ Sun Fire X4800 M2
follow-on to G5 w/Westmere-EX CPU
G5 Blade blade supported in G5 chassis
Galactica StorEdge L20, L40, L60
Galaxy (obsolete) SPARCserver 600MP (SS600MP)
SPARCserver 630MP (SS630MP)
SPARCserver 670MP (SS670MP)
SPARCserver 690MP (SS690MP)
Galaxy 1E Sun Fire X4100E (A72)
1U 1-2 socket x64 AMD Opteron server
Galaxy 1F Sun Fire X4100 M2 (A86)
1U 1-2 socket x64 server with AMD Opteron Rev. F processor
Galaxy 1U Sun Fire X4100 (A64)
1U x64 AMD Opteron entry-level server
Galaxy 1X RoHS-compliant Sun Fire X4100
1U x64 AMD Opteron entry-level server
Galaxy 2E Sun Fire X4200E (A73)
2U 1-2 socket x64 AMD Opteron server
Galaxy 2F Sun Fire X4200 M2 (A87)
2U 1-2 socket x64 server with AMD Opteron Rev. F processor
Galaxy 2U Sun Fire X4200 (A65)
2U x64 AMD Opteron entry-level server
Galaxy 2X RoHS-compliant Sun Fire X4200
2U x64 AMD Opteron entry-level server
Galaxy 4F Sun Fire X4600 M2 (A67)
4U x64 4-8 way server with AMD Opteron Rev. F processor
Galaxy 4U Sun Fire X4600 (A67)
4U x64 AMD Opteron 4-8 way server
Galileo Ultra 10 replacement
Garfield ST1480N (424MB)
GCS Gigabit Copper Saturn
Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP Adapter
lower cost version of Cassini GCC
Gemini (obsolete) cPCI dual ultra SCSI
Gemini Sun Blade X6220 (A92)
Opteron blade for Constellation
Gemini+ Sun Blade X6240
Gemini blade with Marlin bracketed disk drives
Genesis GE Medical special product
Genesis Rack-scale storage data server subsystem with SAS-2
12 shelves of 3.5" disks, total of 384 disk capacity
Genie browser-based tool for Solaris/unbundled products
GFS Gigabit Fibre Saturn
Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Adapter
lower cost version of Cassini Kuheen
Glacier Cooling rack door for Redwood and C48
Sun Cooling Door 5200 = water-based
Sun Cooling Door 5600 = refrigerant-based
Glendale Sun Blade T6320 Server Module (A95)
Niagara blade for Constellation
Glendale+ Sun Blade T6320+ Server Module
follow-on to Glendale
sometimes called Sun Blade T6320 G2
Goa 10 10Gb Network Express Module (NEM) for Constellation 10
Goa 12 10Gb Network Express Module (NEM) for Constellation 48
Godzilla Galileo
GP+ Double-Wide Pass-Thru Fabric Expansion Module (FEM) for blade server modules
Grizabella StorEdge 5510
Next generation Serial ATA Fixed Content Storage Array
Grizzly (obsolete) SS20 with hyperSPARC
Grizzly Sun Fire V60x (A48)
1U general purpose X86 server
follow-on to LX50
Grizzly 2U Sun Fire V65x (A48)
2U general purpose X86 server
follow-on to LX50
Grizzly Cluster Grid see Kurent
Grover Sun Blade 100 (A36)
UltraSPARC IIe workstation
Grover+ Sun Blade 150 (A41)
Sun Blade 100 replacement (uses Phantom)
Guava 24bit PCI graphics
Gumbi see Gumby
Gumby QuadFastEthernet PCI
GX marketing name of cg6
graphics accelerator & frame buffer (1152x900)
GXP marketing name of cg9 and GP2 board set
GXPlus (GX+) graphics accelerator & frame buffer (1280x1024)
Gypsy SPARCstation Voyager
SS Voyager
Halfdome SPARCprinter E (SPRN-E)
Halo SunRay 150
15-inch flatpanel/LCD display + built-in SunRay 1
Hamilton Netra CP3270
ATCA blade based on new Intel 64-bit quad-core processors
Hamlet SPARCclassic X (Sun-4/10)
Hammer Opteron 64/32-bit CPU architecture system chips from AMD
See Sledgehammer
Happy Meal FEPS chip
fast/wide SCSI, parallel, and 10/100baseT(100Mbps)
    fast Ethernet
Harpertown Intel Xeon 5400-Series Quad-Core processor (2 x 2-core)
(6MB L2, 45nm)
Hawaii 5.0GB 8mm
Hawk see HawkII
HawkII GT Graphics Tower
Hawk II see HawkII
Hawk-II see HawkII
HDS Hitachi Data Systems
source of SE9900 series
see Bigfish, Blacklight, Juggernaut
Heckel see Heckle
Heckle ST3610N (535MB)
CP30540 (535MB)
Helene PCIe 4Gb FC Dual-Port AdvancedMC HBA from Emulex
FC connectivity for Netra ATCA servers
Helix 8-DIMM CPU board supporting AMD Opteron 8000 Series Rev. F dual-core processors
see Centaurus and Vortex
Hercules 24-inch Color HDTV Monitor
Hercules Sun Blade X6450
4-socket diskless Intel blade for Constellation
(also known as Hercules2)
Hickory Low-cost StorageTek SATA/SAS disk subsystem with various front ends
previously called LCA
Hickory EU StorageTek 2501
Hickory Expansion Tray
Hickory FC StorageTek 2540
Hickory with FC RAID front end
Hickory iSCSI (see Omaha)
Hickory SAS StorageTek 2530
Hickory with SAS RAID front end
Hobbes SPARCstation IPX (Sun-4/50)
Hobbs see Hobbes
Hobo 4800b keyboard/mouse for Gypsy
(keyboard name changed to Compact 1)
Honeycomb StorageTek IntelliStor ST5800
Hornet UltraSPARC I [NEC]
(143MHz, 167MHz, 200MHz)
HotJava Web/WWW browser written in Java language
[formerly WebRunner]
HSI-U High Speed Universal Card
replacement for HSI/P
HULCC High-Utility, Low-Cost Cabinet for Sun-3 and Sun-4
Hummingbird UltraSPARC IIe (500MHz)
Humu Humu Sun Secure Application Switch N1216
Entry-level networking switch with 4Gb and 8× 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports
Hunter Pass-Thru R-FEM with FMOD & ESM to support Virgo+
Huron 1U Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SEC)
1U rackmount CMT server based on Niagara 2
addition to Low End of APL
Huron 2U Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 (SED)
2U rackmount CMT server based on Niagara 2
addition to Low End of APL
Hurricane 21-inch color with DB13W3
(365-1383, 365-1384, 365-1386)
Hydra (obsolete) 3/80
Hyde 2U Chassis for Lynx 2U [Hyde] (Sun Fire X4275)
uses 3.5" disks
Hydra Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10GbE M2 Network Express Module
PCIe-based NEM for C10
Allows up to 10 blades to share single 10GbE network port
IB-HCA Mellanox InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter
Sun Dual Port 4x IB-HCA PCI-X Adapter
see also IB-TCA
IB-TCA InfiniBand Target Channel Adapter
Ibis CG8
Ice Cream SunOS 4.1.1-B
IFB Expert 3D
IFBLite Expert 3D Lite
IFBLite+ XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator
IFB3 XVR-1200 Graphics Accelerator
IFB3-Lite XVR-600 Graphics Accelerator
Ikkaku SPARC Enterprise M3000 (SEW)
2U single-socket Jupiter-based server
Indy500 StorEdge 3900 (Indy500-DAS)
StorEdge 6900 (Indy500-SAN)
Ironside StorEdge L700
Istanbul AMD Opteron six-core processor, 45nm, Socket F
follow-on to Shanghai
Italy AMD Opteron dual-core processor, DDR
200-series, 90nm, E6 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Ivory dual channel FC-AL SBus card
Ivy 17-inch Entry Level
Poppy replacement with SVGA HD15 connector
Iwashi Sun Storage 7110
see Amber Road 1.0 A
Iwashi+ Sun ZFS Storage 7120
Iwashi follow-on
J2 see Juggernaut J2
J3 see Juggernaut J3
J4 see Juggernaut J4
Jackal 2 RAID Expansion Module (REM) for Glendale
Jade Netra CP2500
6U, USIIIi, cPSB and cPCI NEBS-compliant blade
Jaguar UltraSPARC IV
Jaguar VME/SMD-4 disk controller
(Xylogics 7053)
Jake 1U Chassis for Huron 1U, Maramba 1U, Dorado 1U, Doradi
(see Elwood)
Jalapeno UltraSPARC IIIi processor
1.002GHz and 1.336GHz
Jalia PCIe Pass-Thru Fabric Expansion Module
FEM for Jumilla server
Janus StorageTek PCIe 4Gb FC Network Express Module (NEM) Host Bus Adapter
20-port PCI-Express pass-thru, RoHS 6 compliant
for Andromeda and Constellation blades
Jasmine 17-inch Premium CRT
replaced by Lilac
Jasper PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
Jasper 320 PCI-X Dual Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
Javelin 2CPU (250/300Mhz Blackbird chip)
PCI midrange workgroup server (E250 = A26)
Jeckel see Jeckle
Jeckle 535 MByte disk (3.5")
Jet VX
JOE Java / DOE / NEO
(developing Java applets using CORBA objects)
John IBM DPES-31080 (1.05GB)
Conner CFP1080E (1.05GB)
Juggernaut StorEdge 9990
next generation high-end data center array from Hitachi
see HDS
Juggernaut J2 StorEdge 9985
scaled-down version of StorEdge 9990
see HDS
Juggernaut J3 StorageTek 9990V
follow-on to StorEdge 9990
see HDS
Juggernaut J4 StorageTek 9985V
follow-on to StorEdge 9985
see HDS
Jumanji Encore Infinity SP-40
StorEdge A7000
Jumilla SPARC T3-1B
(formerly Sun Blade T6360)
1-socket blade server with Rainbow Falls processor
for use in C10 or C48 chassis
Jupiter (obsolete) SunOS 5.0 (Solaris 2.0)
Jupiter StorEdge 2GB 64-Port Switch
Jupiter SPARC64 VII
follow-on to Olympus
Jupiter DC Jupiter DataCenter Systems:
Jupiter DC1 = follow-on to SPARC Enterprise M8000
Jupiter DC2 = follow-on to SPARC Enterprise M9000-32
Jupiter DC3 = follow-on to SPARC Enterprise M9000-64
see OPL DC
Jupiter FF Jupiter Form Factor Systems:
Jupiter FF1 = follow-on to SPARC Enterprise M4000
Jupiter FF2 = follow-on to SPARC Enterprise M5000
see OPL FF
Jurojin 2nd Generation Write-Optimized Flash System for Oracle 7xxx Open Systems
Kahlua 17-inch Entry-Level CRT
Ivy replacement
Kahula see Kahlua
Kansas See M4-8
Katana StorageTek 6540
Next generation RoHS-compliant FLX380 XBB-based disk array
Katana-2 StorageTek 6580/6780
Next generation XBB2 controller module, replacing Katana
Kauai KJava VM
Kenari RoHS-compliant 24.1-inch LCD Monitor
Kentsfield Intel Core2 quad-core processor (2 x 2-core) (8MB L2)
KFB-H see KFB Heavy
KFB-L see KFB Lite
KFB Heavy XVR-2400 PCI graphics accelerator
KFB Lite XVR-2200 PCI graphics accelerator
Kimi Netra CP3250
ATCA Intel-based dual-socket blade
Kimchee Write acceleration PCIe HBA for Amber Road systems running on ZFS
Kirkwood Low profile 133MHz PCIX 10Gb Ethernet card
Kiwi XVR-200 Graphics Accelerator
Klingon ST12400N (2.1GB)
Kodiak SPARCstation 20 (SS20)
Kona ST5660N (535MB)
Krakatoa GUI/deskset tools for JavaStation, HotJava Views
Krups JavaStation JK
KT see Rainbow Falls
Kurent Sun Fire V60x Compute Grid Rack System (A51)
LCA Low Cost Array
see Hickory
LCA2 Storage 2500 M2 Storage Arrays
2530 M2 (SAS), 2540 M2 (FC)
previously called Snowmass
replacement for Hickory
LE Low End of APL product line
see Erie APL and Ontario APL
LE1 see Erie APL
LE2 see Ontario APL
Leadville StorEdge network foundation software
Leeward CDMA IWF for Lucent Technologies
Luzon I
Lego CG6
(501-1374, 501-1505, 501-1532)
LegoA GX CG6 (501-1481)
LegoB GX CG6 (501-1645)
LegoSC GX CG6 (501-1672, 501-1996)
Leo (obsolete) see ZX
Leo Sun Fire X2100 M2 (A84)
Entry-level 1-socket AMD64 server
replacement for Aquarius
LeoII ZXplus (ZX+)
Libra Sun Blade X6800 Server Module
2-socket Intel non-SMP blade for C4 Constellation chassis
(originally named Sun Blade X6470)
(see G5 Blade for SMP version)
Lightning USBRDT 5440 Uniboard
Next-generation SPARC blade
replacement for expander board in US III/IV chassis
Lightning Flash Sun Storage F5100
1RU solid state rack chassis with 80 internal Flash DIMMs
formerly Mongo
Lightweight NEBS-compliant (Telco) Ultra server
Netra t1100 (N01)
Lightweight 2 2cpu, 300MHz, NEBS (telco) rackmount server
Netra t112x (N02/N03/N04)
Lightweight 2+ Netra 20 (Netra T4) (N28)
Lightweight 3 2cpu, 440MHz, NEBS (telco) rackmount server
Netra t140x (N14/N15)
Lightweight 8 Sun Fire V1280 (AC) = A40
Netra 1280 (DC) = N40
Lilac 17-inch Premium Color
(365-1338, 365-1339)
Lisbon Netra 4U dual socket Yosemite Falls rack
Little Powder 1-socket River system
Littleneck Sun Fire 280R (A35)
2-way workgroup server/rack
Logzilla Solid State Drive on Fugu
Loki StorageTek J4500
4U 48-Drive JBOD Storage Array
Thumper with no CPUs
Louise 2U chassis for Serpa
(see Thelma)
Luna JavaOS 1.1
Lunchbox Desktop Disk Pack
Desktop Backup Pack
Desktop Storage Pack
SunCD Pack
Luzon TDMA IWF for Lucent Technologies
LW8 Lightweight 8
Lyndonville 100GB & 300GB 25nm SSD from Intel
Lynx 1U and 2U servers based on Intel's Nehalem platform
Lynx 1U     Sun Fire X4170
Lynx 2U     Sun Fire X4270 (2.5" disks - uses Elwood chassis)
Lynx 2U [Hyde]     Sun Fire X4275 (3.5" disks - uses Hyde chassis)
Lynx+ Hyde Sun Fire X4270 M2
Lynx 2U upgrade
Lynx+ Thelma Sun Fire X4170 M2
Lynx 1U upgrade
M4-16 16-socket River system
replacement for OPL DC1 (M8000)
formerly Powder
(see River systems)
M4-32 32-socket SPARC M4 system
replacement for OPL DC2 (M9000-32)
formerly Missouri
(see River systems)
M4-64 64-socket SPARC M4 system
replacement for OPL DC3 (M9000-64)
formerly Mississippi
(see River systems)
M4-8 8-socket SPARC M4 system
replacement for OPL FF2 (M5000)
formerly Kansas
(see River systems)
M64 PGX PCI 8-bit color
MACIO Ethernet, Parallel, and SCSI ASIC chip
Madrid Netra SPARC T3-1
Netra version of Serpa
MadridT4-1 Netra SPARC T4-1
SPARC T4 version of Madrid
Magneto 66/33 MHz PCI bus card version of ATM/Batman
Magnum 2 InfiniBand QDR switches (also called NanoMagnum2 or NM2):
Sun Datacenter Switch IB-36
(36-Port 1RU QDR Infiniband Switch)
Sun Datacenter Switch IB-72
(72-Port 1RU QDR Infiniband Switch)
Sun Datacenter Switch Gateway (NM2-GW)
(36-Port 1RU QDR Infiniband Gateway Switch)
Magnum M1 Sun Datacenter Switch 3x24
72-Port Infiniband Switch
Magnum M24 Sun Datacenter Switch 3456
Low Volume next-generation Infiniband switch subsystem
Magnum M9 72-Port Infiniband Switch 648
Magny-Cours AMD Opteron 12-core processor, Socket G34
actually two Istanbul processors with quad DDR3 memory controller
Maguro Sun Storage 7310
see Amber Road Maguro
Maguro+ Sun ZFS Storage 7320
Maguro follow-on
Makaha Netra CT 410 / CT 810
Mamba 16-port FC-AL switch
Mammoth 20-40GB 8mm
Mammouth see Mammoth
Mango 8bit/24bit PCI graphics
Mantaray Sun-4/370 deskside, 12-slot pedestal system
Marakesh see Marrakesh
Maramba Third generation (Victoria Falls) chip CMT technology
Maramba 1U = Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 (SET)
Maramba 2U = Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 (SEU)
Marrakesh Ultra 20 Workstation (A63)
Optimized 1P Desktop with AMD Opteron 64 processor
follow-on to Metropolis 1P
Mars (obsolete) SunOS 5.1 (Solaris 2.1)
Mars Crypto Accelerator 6000
Maserati Midrange StorEdge 6120 / 6320
integrated storage array
also known as T4
Maserati Enterprise
see System 1
Matterhorn See Whitney-2
Matterhorn PSX-1000
Matterhorn ACL 4/52
ETL 4/1000
Matterhorn2 ACL 4/100
ETL 4/1800
StorEdge L1800
Maui 10GB 8mm
MauiXL 14GB 8mm
Maxcat 104-way server
MD See Black Box
Meerkat Serengeti System Controller (aka SSC) board
Memphis 22-inch LCD Monitor
Mensa Sun Blade X6270 M3 Server Module
2nd Gen Constellation Blade w/ Intel Romney chipset
Mercury Crypto Accelerator I
Mercury CGBU Service Broker
OCSB (Oracle Communications Service Broker)
  running on Netra 6000; Netra X6270 M2 or X6340; Intel or SPARC CPU
Merlin 18.1-inch Flat Panel
Merrimack future line of x64 servers with Intel Sandybridge CPU
see Nashua, Concord, Sudbury
Mesa Victoria Falls-based blade for Sun Blade 8000 series
Meteor PCI-X Single Ultra320 Low Profile SCSI Adapter
Metis Combo GbE/8Gb FC Express Module HBA
(Metis-E = Emulex, Metis-Q = Qlogic)
Metropolis1P Sun Java Workstation W1100z (A58)
1P Workstation-AMD Opteron 64bit
(see Stinger2P)
Metropolis2P Sun Java Workstation W2100z (A59)
2P Workstation-AMD Opteron 64bit
(see Stinger2P)
Michigan 1U rackmount CMT server based on Niagara 2
follow-on to Erie
Milan Sun Ray 3+
replacement for Sun Ray 2 FS
Millenium UltraSPARC V
(not released)
Mimas StorageTek EM SAS Host Bus Adapter
PCI-Express 8-Channel SAS HBA
Minneapolis UltraSPARC IIIi blade for Constellation
Minnetto Minnow NAS
StorEdge 3310 NAS Array
Minnow StorEdge 3120 Array (1U SCSI)
StorEdge 3310 Array (2U SCSI)
StorEdge 3320 Array (2U U320 SCSI)
StorEdge 3330 Array (SAS/iSCSI)
StorEdge 3510 Array (2U FC)
StorEdge 3511 Array (2U Serial ATA)
StorEdge 3530 Array (FC)
Mira Sun Blade X8440 Server Module (A98)
A4F+ Blade for Andromeda
Mirage IB-HCA Dual Port 4x DDR PCI-E, ExpressModule
see Eagle
Missouri See M4-32
Mississippi See M4-64
Mongo see Lightning Flash
Monte Carlo Netra ct 800
Montoya Netra CP3060
Niagara blade for Formula 1 Chassis
Monza Netra CP3260
ATCA Blade, Niagara 2 CMT
Moonshine backplane bus for 12 and 16 slot chassis
Morgan 1-way UltraSPARC IIIi
Moriarty Sun System Handbook
Moura SPARC T4-1B and T4-2B
Yosemite Falls blade system for C10
1-socket and 2-socket available
Mr. Coffee 1st generation JavaStation 1
JavaStation JJ
Munich Ultra 20 M2 (A88)
AMD-based desktop
follow-on to Marrakesh
Mustang StorEdge 5310NAS
N01 Netra t 1100 (Lightweight) - Family part number
N02 Netra t 1120 (Lightweight 2) - Family part number
N03 Netra t 1125 (Lightweight 2) - Family part number
N04 Netra t 1120 (Lightweight 2) - Family part number
N05 Netra ft 1800 (Sheffield) - Family part number
N06 Netra t1 Model 105 (Flapjack) - Family part number
N07 Netra t1 Model 100 (Flyweight) - Family part number
N08 Netra ct 1600 (DC chassis) - Family part number
N09 Netra ct 1600 (AC chassis) - Family part number
N14 Netra t 1405 (Lightweight 3) - Family part number
N15 Netra t 1400 (Lightweight 3) - Family part number
N19 Netra X1 (Flapjack-Lite) - Family part number
Sun Fire V100 (Flapjack-LiteCD500) - Family part number
N20 Netra T2000 (Pelton) - Family part number
N21 Netra T1 AC200/DC200 (Flapjack 2) - Family part number
N25 Netra 120 / Sun Fire V120 (Flapjack 2+) - Family part number
N28 Netra 20 (Lightweight 2+) - Family part number
N31 Sun Fire V210 (Enchilada 1U) - Family part number
N32 Sun Fire V240 (Enchilada 2U) - Family part number
N35 Netra CT 820 (Sanibel21) - Family part number
N40 Netra 1280 (Lightweight 8) - Family part number
N42 Netra 440 (Chalupa 19) - Family part number
N54 Netra 240 (Enchilada 19) - Family part number
N6000AC Netra 6000 Server AC Version
Netra version of Constellation 10
N6000DC Netra 6000 Server DC Version
Netra version of Constellation 10
N6000M2 Netra 6000 M2 Server (AC & DC Versions)
follow-on to Netra 6000 AC & DC
N62 Netra CT900 (Formula 1) - Family part number
N79 Netra 210 (Salsa 19) - Family part number
N87 Netra X4200 M2 (Draco) - Family part number
Nachos SunVideo
Nalia Gen2 Pass-Thru PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (FEM)
Nandi Sun Fire V880z Visualization System
with Zulu graphics board
Narvi RAID SAS HBA ExpressModule w/BBU
Nashua 1U rackmount x64 server w/Intel Sandybridge CPU
Nauset StorEdge 6940
Next generation 6920 HW and enhanced data services
Nell PCMCIA Adapter
NEM+ 14-Port Multi-Fabric NEM for Constellation
NEO product family name for Project DOE developments
Neptune (obsolete) SPARCengine EC
(special for Kodak)
Neptune ASIC that enables SPARC to support 10Gb Ethernet
Neuron Sun Ray upgrades project
see Axon, Bouton, Dendrite
Netra Jumilla Netra SPARC T3-1B
Netra version of Jumilla
Netra Mensa Netra version of Mensa
Neutron Ultra 1 Model 140
Ultra 1 Model 170
Ultra 1 Server
UltraServer 1 Model 170
NGR Next Generation Rack
Sun Rack 900 & 1000
Niagara UltraSPARC T1
high-end processor with chip multithreading (CMT)
Afara design with eight processing engines
Niagara 2 UltraSPARC T2 (UltraSPARC T1 follow-on)
Afara design with eight processing engines
Support for 64 threads, one FPU per core
Niagara 3 see Rainbow Falls
Niagra Tape Backup Tray
Niantic Sun Dual 10GbE I2 SFP+ PCIe 2.0
Niantic LP = Low Profile
Niantic EM = Express Module
Nighthawk 170MHz TurboSPARC-based SS5
(SS4 version was cancelled)
Nile Netra X42xx 2RU rack server
Nimas PCI-Express 8-Channel SAS HBA
Niwot SAS 2.0 RAID HBA, PCIe LP 8-port
NanoMagnum2 also called NM2
see Magnum 2
Nodewarrior SPARCstation ELC (Sun-4/25)
Nordica SPARCengine CP1500 (SME)
Nordica-440MHz 2MB Sapphire-Red
Northstar1 PCI-E Dual GigabitEthernet Low-Profile NIC
Northstar2 PCI-E SIOM Dual GigabitEthernet NIC
NT52 Netra T5220 (Turgo) - Family part number
NT544 Netra T5440 (Congo) - Family part number
NT6340 Netra Blade T6340 Server Module
Netra version of Scottsdale
NX425 Netra X4250 (Aries) - Family part number
NX445 Netra X4450 (Argo) - Family part number
NX6270 Netra Blade X6270
Blade for Netra 6000
Netra version of Virgo
Odyssey 17-inch Color CRT
Kahlua replacement
Offcampus SPARCstation SLC (Sun-4/20)
Ohio 16-socket River system
Cancelled see M4-16
OKM Oracle Key Manager
Olympia 17-inch flat CRT monitor
Olympus Fujitsu SPARC64-VI dual-core chip for APL machines
Omaha iSCSI StorageTek 2510
Hickory with iSCSI RAID front end
Ontario Sun Fire T2000 (Family part # = T20)
8-core Niagara-based 2U Rackmount CMT server
Ontario APL Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 (SEB)
Ontario re-branded for Low End of APL product line
also known as LE2
Ontario+ see Ontario Plus
Ontario Plus enhanced Ontario (Sun Fire T2000)
RoHS compliant with lead exception
OPL Olympus Product Line
next-generation midrange & high-end SPARC64-VI platforms
partnered with Fujitsu
part of APL product line
see OPL DC and OPL FF
OPL DC OPL DataCenter Systems
OPL DC1 SPARC Enterprise M8000 (SEG)
follow-on to Sun Fire E2900
OPL DC2 SPARC Enterprise M9000-32 (SEH)
follow-on to Sun Fire E20K
OPL DC3 SPARC Enterprise M9000-64 (SEJ)
follow-on to Sun Fire E25K
OPL FF OPL Form Factor Products, rack mountable
see OPL FF1, OPL FF2
OPL FF1 SPARC Enterprise M4000 (SEE)
follow-on to Sun Fire V490
OPL FF2 SPARC Enterprise M5000 (SEF)
follow-on to Sun Fire V890
Oplin PCI Express 10Gb Ethernet cards with fixed transceivers
Single- and Dual-Port versions
Opus 9 10GbE 1U switch
Opus TOR 72-port Ethernet switch
formerly Opus 2
(TOR = Top Of Rack)
Orca E4000/E5000 systems with Netra-i 3.1
Oreo Netra j 3.0 release
Orion 17-inch LCD Color Flat Panel monitor
Oslo QIC-2.5GB 1/4" Tape
Osprey Millennium-based workgroup server
(not released)
Othello cPCI 500MHz USIIe CPU (SME)
Netra CP2040
Othello+ Netra CP2140
OToro Sun ZFS Storage 7420
see Amber Road 1.0 D
also called 7000 Series OToro
Otter Ultra 5 (A21)
P25 XVR-2500
Full-length PCI-E x16 3D Graphics Accelerator
Pallene PCI-Express Low-Profile Single and Dual channel 8Gb FC HBA
Panda SS20 with 75MHz Voyager
Pandora 8-Port SAS HBA in PCIe x8 LP Form Factor
Panther (obsolete) ISP-80 IPI-2 Disk Controller
Panther UltraSPARC IV+
2-core processor with on-chip 2MB cache
initially 1.5GHz
Papaya XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator
Paul Conner CFP1080S (1.05GB)
PBox External Expansion Module
External Storage Module
Peanuts lowcost 207 MB disk
Pebble Beach StorageTek 5400
next generation NAS product with Solaris-based NAS OS
Pegasus (obsolete) CPU card used in Sun-3/470, 3/480
Pegasus Sun Blade X6420
quad-core 32-DIMM Opteron blade for Constellation
Pegasus+ Sun Blade X6440
follow-on to Pegasus
with GP+ Pass-Thru FEM
Pelton Netra T2000 (N20)
2U AC/DC 19-rack servers, NEBS-compliant
one based on Niagara processor, one based on AMD Opteron processor
Penguin SunPCi
Perigee SPARCstation 4 (SS4)
Perth Fabric Expansion Module (FEM) to allow Glendale to work with Hydra
Phantom UltraSPARC IIi (550-650MHz)
Phobos 21-inch Flat CRT Monitor
replacement for Callisto
Phoenix SPARCstation IPC (Sun-4/40)
Phoenix FDDI 5.0
Phoenix Sun Fire X4640
Galaxy 4 with Shanghai HT3 CPU capability
Photon (obsolete) SPARCengine Ultra AX (SME)
Photon Fibre Channel Network Array
Sun Enterprise Network Array A5000
StorEdge A5x00
Piglet real-time MPEG2 decoder
Pilsen I/O Expansion Box based on Pelton
Pineapple PCI framebuffer/graphics for U30
PGX/PGX8 (8-bit only)
Pinnacle LSI's (Ross Systems') HyperSPARC chip
Plano 19-inch Color CRT
Platinum next generation Crichton
Pluto SPARCstorage Array Model 101 (SSA101)
SPARCstorage Array Model 102 (SSA102)
SPARCstorage Array Model 112 (SSA112)
Pluto 200 SPARCstorage Array Model 200 (SSA200)
SPARCstorage Array Model 210 (SSA210)
Polaris Sun4, SPARC, Sun4/E
Pooh see Piglet
POP TACC-1 Pounds Of Pizels board
Poppy 17-inch Entry-Level
(365-1343, 365-1345)
Powder See M4-16
Powderhorn StorEdge L6000
STK9310 tape library
Powerville Quad GbE PCIe Gen2 Adapter
(Low Profile and ExpressModule versions in both Fiber and Copper)
Prelude initial DOE ("Solaris/Workshop for Objects") product
see Crescendo
Prism Low-cost 2GB Fibre Channel HBA
Qlogic QLA210
Prometheus SAS RAID HBA
PCI-Express 8-channel
Psycho+ UPA to PCI bus bridge
Pulsar Ultra 2 (A14)
Pulsar Brocade 4100 (16-32 port FC Switch)
Puma Sun Fire B10n
Networking Blade Product (Content Load Balancing)
Purple RAID disk storage
StorEdge T3
T300WG, T300E, T300DC
Pyramid StorEdge Pyramid HBA
single- and dual-port low-profile (MD2) Qlogic QLA-2460
Pyramid-E StorageTek Pyramid-E HBA
single- and dual-port low-profile (MD2) Emulex HBAs
Python ST42400ND (2.1GB)
Python FC-AL FC-AL Switch - Phase 3
SBus Quad Ethernet Controller
qFalcon Sun Dual Port 4X QDR IB Host channel Adapter PCIe LP
QGE Sun Quad GigaSwift Ethernet UTP Adapter
QGE-X Sun Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Adapter
qMirage Sun Dual Port 4x QDR IB Host Channel Adapter PCIe ExpressModule
see Mirage
QNEM Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand QDR Switched Network Express Module (NEM)
for Constellation 48
Quadro GXplus (GX+) CG6
Quahog rack-mount Quasar
E420R (A33)
Quark Ultra 30 (A16)
Quasar 1-4 450MHz UltraSPARC/UPAbus system
Ultra 80 (A27)
Quatro see Quattro
Quattro QuadFastEthernet SBus
Quicksilver (obsolete) Supernova Platinum with liquid cooling
Quicksilver Exadata Database Machine Version 2 (V2)
also called Sun Oracle Database Machine
uses FlashFire memory system to run both OLTP and DW applications
Rack 1038 Sun Rack 1000-38 (see NGR)
Rack 1042 Sun Rack 1000-42 (see NGR)
Radiance WebCT
Rainbow StorEdge LP10000
Emulex 2GB FC HBA
single port = Amber-2R
dual port = Crystal-2R
Rainbow Falls SPARC T3
Next-generation UltraSPARC CPU
CMT 16-core, 40nm, 1.67GHz
also variously called RF, KT, and Niagara 3
follow-on to Victoria Falls
Ranger 1U SAS Thin/Boot Array
Raptor Seagate ST32550N (2.1GB)
Seagate ST32550WC (2.1GB)
IBM DFHS-32160 (2.1GB)
Raven ST3500N (535MB)
CP30548 (535MB)
Razor rack-mount Deuterium
E220R (A34)
Readzilla Solid State Drive on Toro
Redwood Sun Rack II
1000mm replacement for NGR Sun Rack
universal rack for all Sun products
Reliance 1U SAS Media Tray (media only, no HDD)
RF see Rainbow Falls
Rhea StorageTek PCI-E Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA
dual-port low-profile (MD2) PCI-Express Ultra320 HBA
Rialto StorEdge L280
DLT7000 Autoloader
Ringo Conner CFP2105E (2.1GB)
Seagate ST32430WC (2.1GB)
River future line of high-end servers
see Kansas, Ohio, Powder, Little Powder, Missouri, Mississippi
Riverwalk StorageTek J4400
4U 24 HDD 3.5-inch JBOD Storage Array
Riverwalk2 Sun Disk Shelf 3.5"
component upgrades to Riverwalk with SAS 2.0 and SSDs
(formerly Storage J4410)
Roadracer graphics card (GXi) for Sun386i
Roadrunner Sun386i, RR150, RR250
Rock high-end processor
combines elements of MAJC chip with Afara technology
Rocky deskside system enclosure package
(used in 4/670 or x70 systems)
RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances
European Union directive to go into effect on 1 July, 2006
Rojo StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System
Rome Sun Ray 3
replaces Sun Ray 270
Romeo see Casanova
Rook Standalone smart card reader
Rosebud 16-inch Mid-Range Monitor
RSC A26 Remote System Control
[formerly Remote System Console]
Rumba VTL (Virtual Tape Library) appliance
Seastone software development project for Amber Road
S12 see Serengeti-12
S20 see Black Box
S24 see Serengeti-24
S493 follow-on to Solaris 2.1
(Solaris 2.2 or SunOS 5.2)
Sabre (SuperSPARC) microSPARC IIep
Sabre (UltraSPARC) UltraSPARC IIi (270-360MHz)
Safari UltraSPARC III
SAHI SBus-ATM Host Interface
  (ATM=Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
see Catwoman / Batman
Saint Paul see St. Paul
Sakura RoHS-compliant 20.1-inch LCD monitor
Salsa 19 Netra 210 (N79)
NEBS-compliant version of Enchilada 1U
replacement for Netra 120
Salsa 19 AC Netra 210 (AC version)
see Salsa 19
Sanibel21 Netra CT 820 (N35)
HA server with Snowbird CPU
Santa Ana AMD Opteron dual-core processor, DDR2
1200-series, 90nm, F2/F3 Stepping, Socket AM2
Santa Fe Telco processor enhancer
Santa Rosa AMD Opteron dual-core processor, DDR2
2200/8200-series, 90nm, F2/F3 Stepping, Socket F
Santa Rosa AMD Opteron dual-core Rev F processor
Sapphire UltraSPARC II 360/400/480/500MHz
Sapphire-Black see Blackbird
Sapphire-Red see Sabre (UltraSPARC)
Sashimi StorEdge L100 Tape Library
Schumacher Netra CP3010
Netra ATCA SPARC Blade for Formula 1
Scimitar 1P Sun Fire B100x
single processor x86-based Blade Server
Scimitar 2P Sun Fire B200x
dual processor x86-based Blade Server
Scorpio Sun Blade X8450
Quad-core CPU for Andromeda 14 and Andromeda 19
Scorpion SPARCserver 1000 (SS1000)
SPARCserver 1000E (SS1000E)
(baby Dragon)
Scorpion+ SPARCserver 1000E (SS1000E)
SPARCserver 1000PDB
Scotsdale see Scottsdale
Scottsdale Sun Blade T6340
Victoria Falls-based 2-socket blade
for Constellation 10 and Constellation 48
SDos SBus DOS card
SEA SPARC Enterprise T1000 (Erie APL) - Family part number
Sea Lion Ultra 10 (A22)
SeaLion see Sea Lion
Seam P4bus Greyscale/Mono Frame Buffer
(in 3/80, 3/470, 4/370, 4/390)
Seattle Next generation of 1-way and 2-way Enchilada servers
Galaxy chassis with UltraSPARC IIIi processor and Fire ASIC
Seattle 1U Sun Fire V215 (see Seattle)
Seattle 2U Sun Fire V245 (see Seattle)
Seawolf StorEdge L200
SEB SPARC Enterprise T2000 (Ontario APL) - Family part number
Sebring Sun Fire V490 (A52)
SEC SPARC Enterprise T5120 (Huron 1U) - Family part number
SED SPARC Enterprise T5220 (Huron 2U) - Family part number
SEE SPARC Enterprise M4000 (OPL FF1) - Family part number
SEF SPARC Enterprise M5000 (OPL FF2) - Family part number
SEG SPARC Enterprise M8000 (OPL DC1) - Family part number
SEH SPARC Enterprise M9000-32 (OPL DC2) - Family part number
SEJ SPARC Enterprise M9000-64 (OPL DC3) - Family part number
Serengeti Enterprise Server family
Serengeti/SG.R8 Serengeti-8, Serengeti SP
Sun Fire 3800
Serengeti/SG.K12 Serengeti-12, Serengeti MD
Sun Fire 4800
Serengeti/SG.R12 Serengeti-12i, Serengeti ME
Sun Fire 4810
Serengeti/SG.R24 Serengeti-24, Serengeti DS
Sun Fire 6800
Serpa SPARC T3-1
(formerly SPARC Enterprise T5160)
1-socket Rainbow Falls system in 2U rack
Serpa YF SPARC T4-1
follow-on to Serpa
1-socket Yosemite Falls system in 2U rack
Serrano UltraSPARC IIIi 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz
upgrade of Jalapeno
SESI Sun Fire V490 and V890
Combination of Sebring and Silverstone
SET SPARC Enterprise T5140 (Maramba 1U) - Family part number
SEU SPARC Enterprise T5240 (Maramba 2U) - Family part number
SEV SPARC Enterprise T5440 (Batoka) - Family part number
Seville SPARC T3-4
(formerly SPARC Enterprise T5460)
4-socket Rainbow Falls system in 5U rack
two CPU/Memory modules on motherboard, two on mezzanine
Seville YF SPARC T4-4
follow-on to Seville
4-socket Yosemite Falls system in 5U rack
SEW SPARC Enterprise M3000 (Ikkaku) - Family part number
SGRS Sun Grid Rack System
ShakaZulu 400M triangle graphics
Shamrock RAID 4GB 8-Port FC Array
Shanghai AMD Opteron quad-core processor
2300/8300-series, 45nm, C2 Stepping, Socket F
follow-on to Barcelona
Shasta 2-way UltraSPARC IIIi
Sheffield Netra ft 1800 (N05)
DC powered
Sheffield Tesla Netra ft 1805
AC powered
Shelby Sun Storage 6190 Disk Controller
Next generation midrange controller, replacing Whitney-2
Sherlock Answerbook viewable via HTML
(candidate for Solaris 2.6)
Sherman SS Voyager motherboard
Sible see Sibyl
Sibyl Sun Interface Converter
Silverlining x86-based NAS server
Silverstone Sun Fire V890 (A53)
Silverstone ATCA Netra SPARC T3-1BA
(formerly Netra CP3360)
SPARC CMT ATCA Blade, replacing Monza
Sirius (obsolete) CPU card used in Sun-3/260, 3/280
Sirius Sun Ultra 40 Workstation (A71)
Opteron workstation
follow-on to Metropolis
Skyhawk cPCI Sun Gigabit Ethernet MMF
SL24 StorageTek SL24 - 2U Tape Autoloader
replacing C2
(formerly named 2U)
SL48 StorageTek SL48 - 4U Tape Library
replacing C4
(formerly named 4U)
SLAVIO external serial port (and floppy controller) ASIC chip
Sledgehammer AMD Opteron single-core processor
100/200/800-series, 130nm, C0/CG Stepping, Socket 940
Sleipnir 9-port 12x Infiniband Switch
Slice Sun Ray 170
Slim Sun Ray 150 (Halo) cost reduction
Slipstream 1/2" HP Front Load Tape Drive
Snapshot VideoPix
Snowbird Netra CP2300
Snowmass see LCA2
Solana SPARC T3-2
(formerly SPARC Enterprise T5260)
2-socket Rainbow Falls system in 3U rack
Solana YF SPARC T4-2
follow-on to Solana
2-socket Yosemite Falls system in 3U rack
Solaris NEO new name for Solaris with Objects (DOE)
Sonoma RSM Array 2000
StorEdge A1000/D1000
South Side Ultra 25 Workstation (A89)
follow-on to Chicago with slower processor and only one socket
Southside see South Side
Spacemountain ACL 7/100
ETL 7/3500
StorEdge L3500
Spam SX imaging accelerator ASIC on motherboard
part of SMC memory controller
Sparkle XM-5301B
SunCD 4
Sparkler JDK 1.1.4
SPIFF Serial Parallel Controller (SPC/S)
Spitfire UltraSPARC I [TI]
(143MHz, 167MHz, 200MHz)
Splashmountain StorEdge L11000
Sport20 UDWIS/S
Sport8 SSHA
Spud 688MB disk drive in expansion pedestal
(storage pedestal upgrade drive)
Sputnik Bluesky CP2060
512MHz cPCI CPU board (SME)
Sputnik Orion CP2080 and Advantest
500MHz cPCI CPU mezzanine memory (SME)
Sputnik+ Netra CP2160
650MHz cPCI CPU board (SME)
SS2 see Streamstar Switch
SSC SPARC SuperCluster
SPARC T3 or M5000 based configurations
with ZFS Storage 7420 servers and ZFS InfiniBand Gateway Switches
Stallion Universal Multiplatform I/O Expansion box
Starburst Solaris 2.5
Starcat Sun Fire 15K
UltraSPARC III high-end server
Serengeti CPU boards
Starfire Ultra Enterprise 10000 (E10000)
Starkitty Sun Fire 12K
scaled-down version of Starcat
Stiletto Sun Fire B1600 / Sun Fire B100s
3RU 16-processor blade server
Stinger (obsolete) 2.1GB Disk Card for Scorpion
Stinger2P Sun Fire V20z (A55)
2P Server - AMD Opteron 64-bit 1U
Stinger4P Sun Fire V40z (A57)
4P Server - AMD Opteron 64-bit 3U
Stingrack datacenter enclosure for Sun-4/390, 4/490
Stingray deskside enclosure for Sun-4/330
Stingrock 4/370
St. Paul Sun Blade T6300 (A94)
Niagara blade for Constellation
Streamstar Switch (SS2) Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch (A91)
also called StreamSwitch 2
Stuttgart Ultra 40 M2 (A83)
AMD-based desktop
follow-on to Sirius
Sudbury 2U rackmount x64 server w/ 4 Intel Sandybridge CPUs
Sumatra SPARCengine CP1200 (SME)
Summit StorEdge 4GB PCI-Express
4Gb PCI-Express Low profile (MD2) form factor FC HBA
single or dual port
for Galaxy and Niagara servers
Summit_1 Single-port Summit
Summit_2 Dual-port Summit
Sun MD See Black Box
Sun SPOT Wireless Transducer technology
SPOT = Small Programmable Object Technology
Sunbox SPARCcluster 1
Sundance Sun Lustre Storage Server 2.0
SunDragon see Dragon
Sunergy SPARCclassic X (Sun-4/10)
SPARCclassic (Sun-4/15)
SunFiler E220R + 1-2 A1000 + Solaris 7 (StorEdge N8200)
Sunfire Ultra Enterprise 6000 (E6000)
Sunfire+ Ultra Enterprise 6500 (E6500)
SunFish Sun Secure Application Switch - N1400(V)
4-port GbE networking switch w/ FIPS 140-1 level 2 compliance
Sunflower 20-inch Premium Color Monitor
Sony N2
(365-1335, 365-1337)
Sunlight FDDI board
SunMD See Black Box
Sunrack 56-inch Data Center Cabinet
SunRay 4/400 series of SPARC systems (4/470, 4/490)
SunRay 1 Network Computer (NC) desktop system
Sunrise Sun-4/260
SunScreen (SPF100) hardware/software firewall security product
SunSpot see Sun SPOT
SunSwift SBus 10/100Mbps Ethernet and Fast/wide SCSI-2
Superior (obsolete) 20-inch Premium Greyscale Monitor
Superior High Density 1U Niagara 2 based "Network Centric" Compute Server
Supernami 66MHz+ microSPARC II chip
(follow-on to Tsunami)
Supernova (obsolete) server & blade product line utilizing CMT technology and Rock processor
replacements for Serengeti and Starcat/Starkitty
Supernova, Bronze (obsolete) 2 CPU Supernova server
Supernova, Clovis (obsolete) Blade version of Supernova
Supernova, Gold (obsolete) 1 CPU Supernova server
Supernova, Platinum (obsolete) 8 CPU Supernova server
Supernova, Silver (obsolete) 4 CPU Supernova server
Swift microSPARC II
Swing Java Foundation Classes
SX1500 Taco Motherboard
SX200 SX200S-X10
thin client motherboard out of Sun Ray 1g
SX2500 Enchilada Motherboard
System 1 StorEdge 6920 with 2.0 SW
Maserati with Pirus Rolex PSX-1000
[formerly Maserati Enterprise (Rolex)]
(see also Unity 3.0)
T10 Sun Fire T1000 (Erie) - Family part number
T20 Sun Fire T2000 (Ontario) - Family part number
T4 see Maserati
T4 see Comet
Tabasco (obsolete) SPARCstorage Redundant Storage Module (RSM)
Tabasco Network Shared Volume (NSV)
Taco Sun Blade 1500 (A43)
Taco+ Sun Blade 1500 (Silver)
Taco speedbump (1.5GHz)
Tadpole 5GB 4 mm
Talon SunDials
Tamale Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM)
[formerly Remote Management Card (RMC)]
Tarzan 2.1GB Differential SCSI
Taurus Sun Fire X2200 M2 (A85)
Entry-level 2-socket AMD64 server
replacement for Stinger2P
Taurus2 Sun Fire X2200 speedbump
update to Taurus
with AMD 4-core Barcelona processor
Tazmax Ultra Enterprise 450 (A25)
Tazmo Ultra 450 (A20)
TCX frame buffer for SPARCstration 4
Tequila Combo boot device & I/O interface for 12K/15K
Tenaya SPARC Enterprise T3120 Server
Niagara 2 based server
Erie and Ontario replacement
Terminator Network Terminal Server (NTS)
TGX see TurboGX
TGXplus see TurboGXplus
Thebe SAS HBA that addresses Genesis requirement for SAS Gen 2.0
Thelma 1U chassis for Lynx+ Thelma
(see Louise)
Thor (obsolete) renamed S493
Thor Sun Fire X4540 (B24)
Thumper with AMD Rev F quad-core CPUs
Thumper Sun Fire X4500 (A76)
Mid-level rackmount (4RU) dual socket server in Galaxy family
SATA drives, Opteron processors, Solaris 10, ZFS product family
Thunder USBRDT 5240 Uniboard
Next-generation SPARC blade (see Lightning)
replacement for Uniboards in US III/IV chassis
EOL June 2009
Thunder High Availability Stand Alone Flash Array
two configurations: 12 × 50GB SSD and 24 × 50GB SSD
Thunderbird StorageTek 5220 Heavy (STK5220H)
low-end NAS storage system
Thundermountain ETL Hummingbird
StorEdge L1000
Tigerton Intel Xeon processor with four cores (2 x 2-core)
(7200-Series: dual-core, 4MB L2
(7300-Series: quad-core, 4-socket, 2/3/4MB L2)
Tikka VLE (Virtual Library Extension)
attachment product for VSM (Virtual Storage Manager)
provides disk storage buffer to supplement existing tape storage
(previously called VSB = Volume Storage Buffer)
Timba ST43401ND (2.9GB) Differential SCSI
Titan StorageTek PCI-E 4Gb FC Host Bus Adapter
PCI-Express EM (Express Module) form factor
Qlogic HBA, dual port, RoHS 6 compliant
for Andromeda and Constellation blades
Titan-E StorageTek PCI-E 4Gb FC Host Bus Adapter
Titan with Emulex HBA
Titanium StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive
Toddy 14-inch PC Monitor with SVGA HD15 connector
Togo SPARCstorage UniPack
TogoTall SPARCstorage FlexiPack
Tonga Netra ct 400
Topcat microSPARC IIi + 256KB cache module for Topdog
Topdog Ultra AXe (SME)
300MHz Topcat CPU ATX form factor board
Torino Sun Storage 6590 Disk Controller
Next generation XBB2 controller module, replacing Katana-2
Toro (obsolete) Differential SCSI Expansion Pedestal
Toro Sun Storage 7410
see Amber Road 1.0 C
Treefrog Sophomore StorEdge 6130
NWS storage array and bundled management software
TRex Seagate/IBM DFHP-34320 4.2GB 1.6" 7200 RPM disk
Troy AMD Opteron single-core processor, DDR
200-series, 90nm, E4 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Tsunami microSPARC
Tucana Sun Fire X4440 (B16)
next-generation x64 server
2U, AMD Opteron, 2-4 socket with mezzanine card
(see Dorado)
Tucani Sun Fire X4450 (B15)
next-generation x64 server
2U, Intel Xeon, 4-way multi-core
(see Doradi)
Tulip 15-inch Color Monitor
(365-1286, 365-1327)
TurboGX single SBus GX card with faster 2D/3D vector perf of GX
TurboGXplus faster GXplus SBus card (TGXplus, TGX4) (1280x1024)
Turgo Netra T5220 (NT52)
Next generation of Netra T2000 (Pelton)
AC and DC versions
based on Niagara 2 processor
Twiggy X6002A thin Floppy for SS4, SS5, SS20
Twinville 10GbE Base-T PCIe Gen2 Dual Port Adapter
(Low Profile and ExpressModule versions)
UCM A26 Universal Console Module
old name for RSC
UltraPenguin port of Linux 2.2 kernel for UltraSPARC
Underdog PCI ATM
Unisun original name for the Campus/SPARCstation 1
Unity 3.0 StorEdge 6920 with 3.0 SW
(see System 1)
Ursa Sun Ultra 24 (B21)
follow-on to Ultra 40, Intel-based
Vail L500 Tape Library
StorEdge L500
Valkyrie SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.1 Rev B)
Vayu Sun Blade X6275
2-socket Constellation blade with Intel Nehalem CPU
Vayu+ Sun Blade X6275 M2
Vayu with Intel Westmere CPU
Vega StarOffice 5.1
Vegas Netra xt 600
Aurora Technology 7-Slot PCI Expander
Vela Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module (B18)
Disk blade for Constellation 10 and Constellation 48
Vela2 Sun Blade Storage Module M2 (B19)
Upgrade of Vela with SAS2 and Flash DIMMs
Ventus 2× 12-core AMD blade for Constellation chassis
two models (2 CPUs or 1 CPU & 1 GPU)
three configurations (IB for C48, 1GbE and 10GbE for C10)
Venus (obsolete) Crypto Accelerator 4000
Venus Sun Fire X2250
1U x64 Server
Venus AMD Opteron single-core processor, DDR
100-series, 90nm, E4 Stepping, Socket 940/939
Verde StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System
Victoria FlexiPack Removable Storage Tray
Victoria Falls Niagara 2-based SMP CPU
also known as UltraSPARC T2+
Vigilant RAID 2U 24 HDD 3Gb SAS Array
Viking SuperSPARC chip (SS10, SS20, SS1000, SC2000)
Viper enhancement of Python FC-AL Switches
Viper-2 2GB extension of Python FC-AL Switches for SAN 4.0
Virgo Entry-level 2-way x64 tower
Virgo Sun Blade X6270
Blade based on Intel's Tylersburg platform
Virgo+ Sun Blade X6270 M2
Virgo with Intel's Westmere CPU
Virgo+LP Netra X6270 M2
NEBS version of Virgo+
Visa CP2020
Proof of concept cPCI board
Volans Sun Ultra 27 (B27)
replacement for Ursa
Voltaire Infiniband 24 port and 96 port switches for grid racks
Vortex 8-DIMM CPU board supporting AMD Opteron 8000 Series Rev. F quad-core processors
see Centaurus and Helix
Voyager SuperSPARC II (follow-on to Viking)
VTL-V Virtual Tape Library - Value (see Rumba)
Vulcan ST31200N (1.05GB)
replacement for Whopper
Wally StorEdge D240
removable media tray
Walrus Ultra 10 with 333MHz
Wasabi StorEdge L25 Tape Library
Wasp Sun Fire X2270
Server based on 2-socket Intel Nehalem-EP CPU (95W max)
Wasp+ Sun Fire X2270 M2
Wasp with Intel Westmere CPU
Wave3 Solaris 2.6, Tazmo, Quark rollouts
Whitney StorageTek 6140
Storage Array + Data Services
follow-on to Treefrog Sophomore
Whitney-2 Sun Storage 6180 Disk Controller
Next generation midrange controller, replacing Winterpark
original manufacturer's codename = Matterhorn
Whopper ST11200N (1.05GB)
Wide Stinger 4.2GB Disk Card
8.4GB Disk Card
Wildcat Sun Fire Link
optical interconnect
Wildfire parallel UltraSPARC; large number of CPUs
two-eight Campfire systems with Firetruck bus extender
Wiley StorEdge S1
Winter Park see Winterpark
Winterpark controller board for Whitney
Witte Sun Disk Shelf 2.5"
2U 24-Drive JBOD Storage Array
Wolf Sun Blade X6250 Server Module (A93)
Intel-based blade for Constellation
Wolfdale Intel Core2 dual-core processor (3/6MB L2, 45nm)
Wolfdale DP Intel Xeon 5200-Series dual-core processor (6MB L2, 45nm)
Woodcrest Intel Xeon 5100-Series dual-core processor (4MB L2)
Wren4 Seagate 4.2GB 1.6" 5400 RPM disk
Wyoming full 64-bit version of Solaris (Solaris 2.7)
X425 Sun Fire X4250 (Doradi 2U) - Family part number
XBOX SBus Expansion Subsystem
Xena 21-inch CRT Monitor
Yeti SPARC Mobile Workstation (laptop)
Yorkfield Intel Core2 quad-core processor (4/6/12MB L2, 45nm)
Yorkfield XE Intel Core2 "Extreme" quad-core processor (12MB L2, 45nm)
Yosemite Falls SPARC T4
Next-generation CPU - up to 16-core, 128 threads, 2.5GHz
also called YF
follow-on to Rainbow Falls
Zambezi UltraSPARC T2+ XBR
ASIC used in Congo and Batoka
enables UltraSPARC T2+ to scale from 1 socket to 4 socket systems
Zebra SPARCprinter (SPRN-400)
Zeus developer's release of SunOS based on SVR4
Zeus 73GB Gen3 SSD from STEC
Zippy SunVideo Plus PCI
Zircon ST31200WC (1.05GB)
Zircon II CFP1060E (1.05GB)
Zulu XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator
ZX 24-bit color frame buffer

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