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System Serial Number Breakdown

Generic Examples
Ultra 5 / Ultra 10
Sun StorEdge 3120 / 3310 / 3510 / 3511
Advanced Product Line (APL)
Sun StorEdge Tape Library
Plant Codes

The system serial number contains all or most of the following fields of information: *

Year year of manufacture
Week week of manufacture
Plant manufacturing location
Product type of system manufactured
Software Beginning in July 1997, systems manufactured with
Shop Floor Execution use C up to fff units/week and
D if more than fff units/week are built.
The Shop Floor System did not use this field.
Build number alphanumeric or hexadecimal build number

* Serial numbers for Enterprise 10000 systems built in Beaverton, Oregon
   and Newark, California do not contain the year, week, and plant fields.


SunRay Serial Numbers

SunRay 1

SunRay 100

SunRay 150

Ultra 5 / Ultra 10 Serial Numbers

      Day field:
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday
4 = Thursday
5 = Friday

StorEdge 3120 / 3310 / 3510 / 3511 Array Serial Numbers

      Plant locations not listed in tables below, no MFG Code information is available

Advanced Product Line (APL) Serial Numbers

  • PP is a factory code
  • M is a model code (see below)
  • YY is the last two digits of the year
  • WW is the week of the calendar year
  • SSS is a hexidecimal or alphanumeric sequence number

Models Manufactured by Sun Model Code (M)
DC1, DC2, DC3, DC1 DPF rack, Power Cabinet (Data Center Systems) D
FF (Form Factor Systems) F
LE (Niagara Systems) L
IO Box B
Models Manufactured by Fujitsu Model Code (M)
DC1 0
DC2 1
DC3 2
DC2/3 DPF 1PH 4
DC2 Exp 5
Ikkaku 6

DC1 = M8000
DC2 = M9000-32
DC3 = M9000-64
DPF = Dual Power Feed
Ikkaku = M3000


Sun StorEdge Tape Library Serial Numbers



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