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Sun Fire X2100/X2200 M2 LEDs

The Sun Fire X2100/X2200 M2 server provides the following LED groupings:

Front Panel LEDs Rear Panel LEDs

Sun Fire X2100/X2200 M2 Front Panel LEDs

The three front panel LEDs are located on the left hand side of the front panel above HDD0. These LEDs provide a quick visual check on the state of the system.

LED Name LED color Description
Locate LED and button
White Enables you to identify a particular server. The LED is controlled using one of the following methods:
  • Issuing the setlocator on or off command
  • Using the Solaris OS command: locator -n (to turn on) or -f (to turn off).

  • This LED provides the following indications:
  • Off - Normal operating state.
  • Fast Blink - The server received a signal as a result of one of the preceding methods and is indicating here I am - and that it is operational.
  • Service indicator LED Amber The service required LED will illuminate when any of the following conditions occur:
  • A fault is detected by the system diagnostics, such as POST
  • When a FRU fails, such as a power supply

  • When a fault is detected, a fault message is generated and sent to the service processor (SMDC card) if installed.
    Power OK LED Off The system is unavailable. System power might be off or simply disconnected.
    Green - Steady On Normal Operating State
    Green - Slow Blink Indicates that the system is in SUSPEND mode.
    Power on/off Button Turns the system on and off. This button is recessed to prevent accidental server power-off. There is no Power On/Off button on the rear panel.


    Sun Fire X2100/X2200 M2 Rear Panel LEDs

    LED Name Description
    Locate LED Reference Front Panel Locator LED/button listed above
    Service indicator LED Reference Front Panel Service Required LED listed above
    Power OK LED Reference Front Panel Power OK LED listed above


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