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Netra[tm] X4200 M2 Server, RoHS:YL Repair Procedures

This section provides tips (when available) for the most common repair procedures for the Sun Fire X4200 M2. The repair procedures are provided in the following manual:

Netra[tm] X4200 M2 Servers Service Manual (820-0063)

The following table provides tips associated with each component.

Component Tips
  • A limited number of AMD Opteron "Rev F" CPUs in certain systems can cause instability in some specific configurations. (FAB 1019389.1)
  • Some Netra X4200 M2 Servers shipped with illegal/unsupported memory configuration. (FAB 1020865.1).
  • Specific Micron 4GB DIMMs are experiencing Multiple/Single Bit Error failures on some platforms with AMD Quad Core (Barcelona) processors.(FAB 1019713.1).
  • FCO A0305-1: Netra T2000 with PCI Tray 371-1959-02 and Netra X4200 M2 with PCI Tray 371-2368-03 do not configure 1x or 4x PCI Express (PCIe) cards.. (FAB 1020430.1).

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