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Sun StorEdge[tm] A5100 Array: Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Patches, & Tools

A5x00 Troubleshooting Guide Contains troubleshooting methods, steps, and diagrams for the A5x00 family storage arrays.
A5x00 Patch Matrix (How To article 1001781.1) Contains information about patches, firmware, and FCODE revisions for the A5x00 arrays, their components, and system s they are connected to.
Sun StorEdge StorTools[tm] 4.1 User's Guide The StorTools 4.1 User s Guide describes the StorTools 4.1 diagnostic package, which provides diagnostics for the following Sun products:
  • Sun StorEdge A5x00 array
  • Sun StorEdge A3500FC disk tray
  • Sun StorEdge T3 array
  • Internal Fibre Channel disk
  • Sun StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and Switch-16
This document describes the Sun StorEdge StorTools graphical user interface (GUI) and command-line utilities and provides procedures for using the tools. This guide is written for system administrators and support personnel who are already familiar with Sun s disk array products. This diagnostic toolkit is for use only by Sun internal and Sun authorized service providers trained on the toolkit and on the product for which it was intended.


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