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Sun ZFS Storage 7320 : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1307373.1 Dual port SAS Logzilla device will show only a single SAS port operational in some cases in slot 23 of an Oracle DiskShelf JBOD. 2011-05-02
1307357.1 A SIM card in a JBOD Diskshelf attached to an S7000 at f/w 3420 while its peer SIM card is at f/w 3524 can lead to the Appliance CLI posting a message that lists the affected chassis as "faulted". 2011-03-29
1307224.1 RW2 SIM heartbeat timeout (aka White Light Special) scenario with RW2, which will cause one of the SIMs to go offline and show up as one of the paths to the JBOD removed. 2011-03-29
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