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Sun StorageTek 6540 Array, RoHS:YL : Field Action Bulletins

FAB Former ID Synopsis Last Modified Date
1020565.1 260848 Updated procedures for upgrading a Sun Storage Tek 6140/6540 or FLX380 Array controller firmware from 6.x to 7.50 (or higher). 2010-09-21
1020499.1 259488 Some Arrays cannot be registered to Auto Service Request due to the Array's serial number shown on the label does not match IBIS records. 2010-09-21
1019884.1 248206 Controller replacement in Sun StorageTek 6140 and Sun StorageTek 6540 Arrays may initiate a Crystal firmware upgrade on the other controller. 2010-09-21
1019709.1 244287 Firmware downgrades from 07.xx.xx.xx require special procedures and approval. 2010-09-21
1019312.1 238390 Disk arrays running firmware versions 6.60 and 7.10 cannot send automated alerts through SDP to the Sun Storage TSC. 2010-09-03
1019216.1 237024 Number of screw holes used for mounting CSM200 Drive Cage Midplane may not match the number of screw holes in the tray Chassis. 2010-08-18
1019209.1 236969 Crystal firmware 7.10.xx.xx upgrades will require a special Upgrade Utiltiy to install. 2010-08-17
1001315.1 201776 4GB Tyco Cables Can Be Damaged If Not Properly Removed 2010-08-23
1001299.1 201759 A web based distribution of compatible SANtricity code has been setup to support StorageTek 6540 and FLX380 with CSM2 trays 2010-08-31
1000790.1 201067 The Ethernet port on the StorageTek 25x0/61x0/6540 controllers may not work properly while attached to an Ethernet Switch port with auto-negotiation disabled. 2010-08-30
1000140.1 200186 Data In Place Migration Process for Sun StorageTek 6000 and Flexline Arrays. 2010-09-01
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